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Miss Suzy was one of our family childhood favorites. My mom bought a copy for my almost 2 year old. It's available on Amazon:


10 Books Found Between the Cushions of Grandma's Sofa
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12/13/11 08:13 AM

EK76 - You are very lucky to have had such an easy time with your children transitioning to solids. Not everyone is that fortunate.

We are very healthy eaters, but our son has been very particular about texture. At 16 months, we are still working on a lot of things. He loves sandwiches and baked sweet potato cubes and green beans (all in their whole form), but is not happy with food chopped down into chunky forms. He still loves purees (he is not particular about flavor and loves quinoa and salmon and beets) and we are working and working to move on up on other foods.

I ordered the book b/c we have used Tyler Florence's Sprout foods in a pinch and our son has always enjoyed them. I figure it never hurts to add some more information to our arsenal.

Tyler Florence's Start Fresh Cookbook
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6/7/11 10:10 AM