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As someone who entered the contest I found the comments section to be quite encouraging. The opportunity to have any positive feedback far outways the risk of having a few negative ones. It can be up to the individual entirely if they decide to read the comments.

Apartment Therapy - October is Fall Colors Month!
10/22/07 09:31 AM

Hi, the desk/ wine bar is from crate & barrel. The typewriter is made by Royal, my husband picked it up at a street fair.
Coco, thanks for your comments on the color choices. I too in the past have used all manner of colors and have now edited it down to a palette that I find refreshing to look at every day.
And no kitty (Olive) didn't make it to the paint store, her colors are all beautifully her own!

Apartment Therapy - #5 - Melissa's Color Extensions
10/10/07 09:18 AM

DC Lisa, the yellow in the dining room is Benjamin Moore, Straw and the basement wall color is Behr, Warm terra cotta. It's a very warm, glowing color especially when softly lit at night.

Apartment Therapy - #5 - Melissa's Color Extensions
10/5/07 07:28 AM

Hi, the coverlet on the bed is also from target (really I do shop at other stores too!) What's great about it is that it's reversible. The other side is a rich chocolate brown.

Apartment Therapy - #5 - Melissa's Color Extensions
10/4/07 08:56 AM

Hi, to answer some questions -

The bedroom wall color is Benjamin Moore, Par Four. The chalkboard wall is black chalkboard paint. I made the paintings in the bedroom, living room, and basement.

Apartment Therapy - #5 - Melissa's Color Extensions
10/3/07 12:38 PM

Thanks everyone for your nice comments! The rug is from target, it was available last year. The artwork over the typewriter and desk is actually from a stencil which I repeated in an alternating pattern over a canvas.

Apartment Therapy - #5 - Melissa's Color Extensions
10/3/07 10:04 AM

In Brooklyn I broke down and bought a portable washing machine. I stored it in the closet and wheeled it out and hooked it up to the kitchen sink when I wanted to do laundry. It could handle a fair amount of clothes/towels/ etc. Perfect for items you want to handwash too. Saved the hassle of dragging heavy bags to the laundromat.

AT Survey: How Do You Wash Your Duds?
5/22/07 10:42 AM