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I dry a lot of my clothes (especially black ones) inside to save them from turning grey or from shrinking. They last a millions times longer.

People shouldn't be complaining about practices that are good for the environment. I'm sure these people have kids, nephews/nieces or grandchildren. Shouldn't we be leaving a bettter planet for them by being as green as possible?

Apartment Therapy - Clotheslines: Being Hungout to Dry?
11/16/07 04:25 PM

Ah, I wish I could've made it. I had a last minute meeting. Congrats to all!

Apartment Therapy - And the winners are...
11/16/07 10:24 AM

will most likely be there

Apartment Therapy - RSVP: Fall Colors Party this Thursday!
11/14/07 05:01 PM

Where can one buy these floor lamps and how much are they?

Apartment Therapy - Palm Sculpture Light by Janne Kyttänen
11/6/07 02:47 PM

thanks, guys. (:

Apartment Therapy - #6 Mar and Bry's Color Arousing Grad Student Housing
10/19/07 09:12 PM

I've just started studying and doing collage and wouldn't dream of producing it digitally, but I'm also not a fan of movies that have too much CGI either. Too much digital anything leaves me feeling cold and uninspired.

Apartment Therapy - The Beauty of Handmade vs Digital Perfection
10/18/07 02:39 PM

Hi Greengelato,

Love the rooms. Can you tell me where you bought your couch--I love it. Is it comfortable?

BTW: I'm going to use your bookcase for inspiration when I move. (:

Apartment Therapy - #6 Mar and Bry's Color Arousing Grad Student Housing
10/11/07 07:39 PM