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Bummer, no FaceBook for me either. I really like that beigey, mod wingback :(

Meet Homeware And Enter To Win Your Favorite Chair Homeware
9/12/13 01:39 PM

I was so excited to see the Amy Ringholz horse painting in the tour! I was an assistant director of an art gallery that sold her work in AZ. I know her work and her well ;) Fantastic house tour, Jackie. I too channel a bit a MCM with southwest. I have my Ringholz wolf in my living room (though it is a much older version of her work, when she first started) can see it here:

Jackie's Southwestern Mid-Century Modern Mix House Tour
9/4/13 02:03 AM

Just fantastic! Source please, for the yellow basket in the expedit.

Asher's Paul Bunyan-Inspired Nursery My Room
7/1/13 05:55 PM

Our family of 5 (3 small boys) have been through about 10 sofas in the last 8 years. I know, rediculous, but I would find a good deal on one that wasn't perfect for the space or room situation and wouldl sell it for more. With each sofa that passed, I realized quality and comfort would reign. Finally we purchased a leather Lexington sofa (originally over $3,000) for $350 off of Craigslist. A local builder had gone out of business and was selling all of their office furniture. We absolutely love it. It will take some gradual switching out of other pieces for the room to mesh, but I would defintely say quality over price. Or, just get "used" quality for a great price!

Here is ours:

Should You Splurge or Save on a Sofa?
The New York Times

3/7/13 06:54 PM

Bgirl17, you read my mind. The Talented Mr. Ripley! I swoon over many of the interior sets with Gwyneth Paltrow in the cast. Well, maybe not Se7en. Yikes! But, specifically, A Perfect Murder, Hush, and Great Expectations....The Royal Tenenbaums. My vote is Lincoln, but Moonrise was a close second.

Interiors Awards: Which Movie Gets
Your Vote?

1/30/13 03:28 PM

Starbucks Java Chip Ice Cream. Over $6 for a pint! Happens like once a year. And, Fage yogurt cups with the little sides of fruit. Total Splurges. @Alahoop I am with you on those kid pouches, so easy and wasteful, but I can't stop buying them! @Meebs-Brilliant! Eliminates the evidence!

What's Your Secret Grocery Store Indulgence?
1/25/13 04:47 PM

I think Netta and Marcella are right on the money. Art Deco, 80's redux, brushed brass, sleek white appliances or commercial cooking/distressed steel in the kitchen, one of a kind pieces, small polka dots, Chinoiserie and more neutral color palettes with touches of bright color.

At least that is the vibe I'm picking up!

Trend Prediction: What Do You Think is The Next Big Thing?
1/25/13 04:25 PM

I am assuming the couch is in that position so they can access their fold down dining table. That rolling beaver is going to give me nightmares! I love the calm, clean look of this space and use of color. I also like the appliances.

Angela & Tania's Beadle Box House Tour
1/17/13 10:03 PM

@ jdoey, so true and an Excellent idea!!

4 Tips for Getting In & Out of IKEA Faster
1/16/13 12:09 PM

I am dying over these photos. Y'all have some serious fabulous style. The colors, textures, art, furniture.....Fantastic. So full, yet not overwhelming and chaotic. Eclectic and clean! Thanks for sharing.

Heather & Dave's Eclectic Enclave House Tour
1/15/13 02:39 PM

Weekday visits are the only way I go to ikea. And, this is random, but what's up with the sideway carts!!! And, Grapey, I like your style lol! Great tips. Thanks.

4 Tips for Getting In & Out of IKEA Faster
1/15/13 02:23 PM

I have bought and sold on Craigslist for the past 7 years with transactions ranging from 1 to 20 per month. I'm not sure Karma has much to do with it. Expect the worst and hope for the best. Be a knowledgeable and cautious buyer / seller and be honest always. If you are perceptive you can spot a shady sale within the first couple of minutes.

On a side note, If you live in Arizona, I post a few good Craigslist Finds every week @

Do You Believe in Craigslist Karma?
12/17/12 05:44 PM

"simple things are superior to flashy, complicated ones, precisely because ultimately they are more pleasurable." Love it. I have been swaying in kitchen remodel decisions on countertops, upper cabinets and appliances. Now, I am confirmed. Thanks so much.

High Impact Kitchen Changes:
A Designer Reveals Her Tips

12/14/12 01:29 AM

@slocumnavigator. Judge food choices on a decor comments section??

Small Tricks, Big Difference for an Evolving Home
12/12/12 09:27 PM

These comments crack me up. There is such a division with meat vs vegan, it's rediculous. Do what is best for you and your family and rid yourself of the judgements....both sides are guilty of this!! I'm pro cowhide and have hope that the meat was used with prudence.

And, what a great tip. I have a massive leather sofa in a somewhat crowded room and it just doesn't feel right. I admire the less is more, but always struggle to find the balance between too much and too little. Maybe I need another layer!

Small Tricks, Big Difference for an Evolving Home
12/12/12 04:15 PM

It looks really great! We currently have those nasty 80's oak cabinets and there is nothing "good" about them. I think maybe bringing in more warmer metals like the hanging pot rack and wood floors would have added some warmth to the space. But, oh what an improvement. Are the cabinets Ikea GNOSJĂ–? Nice job.

Kitchen Before & After: A Kitchen Keeps Its Footprint, But Gets An Updated Look Reader Kitchen Remodel
12/12/12 04:00 PM

dang, these are cute!

Win: Valerie Rice Apron Set Holiday Giveaway
12/4/12 05:18 PM

I have three boys. They play with what they want to play with. Naturally they pick up on more feminine characteristics. When our small school was starting a trial ballet class for the students some of the boys were comfortable taking it. My eldest son, 3, at the time was really upset that I enrolled one had said anything about girls (and he watched boys performing)....yet, he freaked out saying it was for girls and princesses (oh, and he doesn't watch much tv...@ all)?? I didn't make him take the class. He was naturally picking up the feminine qualities. At a young age, kids will not know how to interpret someone encouraging something that they doesn't feel natural. And, I didn't want to confuse him. Let them play with what they want to. Oh, and we have a kitchen and plenty of child friendly cleaning supplies. Nothing wrong with males learning how to take care of themselves / learn how to be responsible human beings. And, have you ever seen the difference in the way boys and girls handle baby dolls? Girls are naturally nurturing, talking soft and sweet while rocking the baby. While boys throw the baby over their shoulders and give a hearty pat on the back saying "it's ok, baby." Seen it so many times. Subtle, but telling, I think. And, the straight up pink and blues have got to go. Even if coming from just a design perspective. The color spectrum is practically infinite. Create new color palettes for products that don't cost us parents a fortune.

Swedish Toy Catalog Aims for Gender Neutral Imagery
11/29/12 08:55 PM

Great tour. I just adore your color combinations. Well done.

Kim & Scott's Fresh Reverie House Tour
11/29/12 08:26 PM

I have both received and given Mrs. Meyer's as gifts. For our family they're products are a bit of a splurge in the cleaning department, and I completely <3 them. They smell all kinds of wonderful and the packaging seems to fit into any decor. In this economy, little practical niceties rule....for us at least. The Keep Cups are rad! And, I love the idea of small composting bins. Great gift ideas! Thanks.

Green Gifts that People REALLY Want Readers Choice Holiday Gift Guide
11/28/12 01:22 PM