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About the double lock i.e. one you need a key to lock from the inside: they are almost always against code because they are a fire risk. If there is a fire and the door is locked and you can't find the key it can be very dangerous. Get a lock that does not need the key on the inside and hang your keys next to the door. Same thing but much safer. I have changed those locks on multiple apartments or made my landlord do it because of the fire risk.

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10/11/13 01:42 PM

just made me really regret not going home for spring break. I love portland's saturday farmer's market but its just not the same.

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3/23/11 06:01 PM

Canoe at Adler and 12th is my favorite design shop downtown.

Pigeon Toe Ceramics is also always fun. They are right on the east side of the Morrison Bridge.

Not design related but I highly recommend the hot chocolate at Cacao.

I'm Leaving on a Jet Portland
1/28/11 10:28 AM

Love your ideas. I went to college in Massachusetts and the worst parts of the winter for me was the food. This is my first winter in Portland and I brought a bag of grapefruit, blood oranges and avocados from home back with me. Aside from making me happy to go to the farmers market in SB and buy them from the same vendors as always, they're a nice taste of home.

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1/12/11 02:39 PM

I love kimchi in mexican food. One of my favorite foodcarts does a kimchi quesadilla that I duplicate at home a lot. Its also always good on tacos.

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12/6/10 03:45 PM