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These are all very appealing!
FYI deadlink on the Chiasso

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4/8/13 01:18 PM

My 5th grade child is expected to type up her writing assignments, but has never been given any instruction on typing. I type them for her and make her use that time to do a touch typing program for free from the BBC! i think kids are not being taught typing unless they happen upon a teacher who finds away to add it in.

Stop Looking At the Keyboard If You Want to Type Faster SXSW Interactive
3/21/13 12:45 PM

What format would be ideal for importing with a eye to limited hard drive storage?

A Better Way To Convert Your CD Collection to Digital Format
3/13/13 01:14 PM

Here in the rainy city, this is not a pointless piece of tech. There is a lot to be said for not hopping in and out of your car in the downpour. Why a gate you ask? To keep the chickens in, of course!

Surprisingly Affordable Automated Gate Openers
7/2/12 11:35 PM

Hey you made past 1k! Thanks for the giveaway.

Want Our Tech and Food Swag Bag From BlogHer '12?
6/14/12 02:32 PM

Love this!

Ilott Vintage's Beautiful Restored Wood Veneer Film Cameras
6/1/12 03:13 PM


Rube Goldberg Automatic Postcard Writing Machine Final Frame
5/9/12 03:40 PM

Very cool - this could be a great promo & outreach for non-profits I support. Thanks!

The Super Simple Way to Make Your Own QR Code
4/9/12 09:57 PM

Thanks for the list - we've been hearing of prowling around our neighborhood. So this has been on my mind.

Neighbors Burglarized: Hi-Tech, Low Cost Deterrents
3/30/12 04:12 PM

I'd neve rbe able to relax with my iThing just hanging there!

Would You Trust Your iPhone With the Grippy Pad?
3/22/12 06:32 PM

At our house the tooth fairy always leaves a silver charm - but that may be a gender specific exchange. It was nice for it to be more of a barter than cash transaction. She also writes her tiny, purple notes in the font "teenage girl". It has been fun. Although my kid seems to have gone more with a charm necklace than bracelet, whatever works!

Creative Ways to Impersonate the Tooth Fairy
3/22/12 06:29 PM

I'm a sucker for good packaging, but these are only so-so. Better than the average, I suppose!

Electronic Wipes For the Stylish Tech Set
3/6/12 05:32 PM

I seem to be unable to reach the email sign up. I would rather follow AT Tech on Facebook though!

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3/6/12 05:29 PM

Great use of space that couldn't be used for regular spine-out bookshelves. We can always use a little more room for books and it would be fun to choose some favorites for face out display!

Make These Space Saving Bookshelves
Tried and True

1/23/12 02:11 PM

We had one for awhile while we finished remodeling our house. The best thing I can say is use a big sharpie to number all your boxes and then keep a detailed box inventory on the computer. So much easier to see a big number than words when digging around the unit. I used to just take a print out with me. We had over 150 boxes and plastic bins with everything in them, so this inventory kept my sanity!

Public Storage Space: To Rent or Not To Rent?
1/18/12 03:14 PM

Thank you for this round up. I had missed a couple of these and love that some are for school age kids!

20 Terrific Kids Rooms You Might Have Missed
The Best from Apartment Therapy Tours

10/17/11 01:51 PM

Wonderful, unique and personal style. So many great elements that come together for a beautiful and livable home!

Tali and Cory's Astro-Polaroid Style
House Tour

6/24/11 02:00 PM

Still loving the hanging bed post!
@pyjammy, would love to see the new big boys room too!

Three's [Not] a Crowd: 3 Kids in 1 Room
5/27/11 01:06 PM

Love seeing rooms for an older kid! The dark walls and cloud w/ lights are a fun look without being too "babyish". My daughter's walls are as dark and I've struggled with colors to use. We added some silver, but seeing that white cloud gives me inspiration. Thank you & would love to have a way to search for more older kids room here!

Cody's Market Sign Playroom & Stars & Bricks Bedroom
Room Tour

5/27/11 12:54 PM

I love Moo cards. Vista is also great for a "free" rubber stamp. Links would be nice though!

The 3 Best Places to Order Cool Business Cards Online
4/28/11 01:58 PM