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Actually, would you mind saying who you used to make the radiator covers (and how expensive it was)? Thanks! I've been thinking about using Gothic cabinet craft, but haven't been so happy with the samples they showed me.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: How Should I Paint My Bedroom?
4/21/08 01:56 PM

Don't know if you're planning on replacing the medicine chest, but when I redid my bathroom I used two Ikea cabinets with mirrored doors opening from the center, mounted side-by-side and recessed into the wall. I don't have the model name handy, unfortunately, but they were around 7'' deep. It turned out to be a lot cheaper than a regular medicine chest and provides much better storage. Good luck -- sounds like a nightmare.

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1/17/08 01:03 PM

I'm ashamed to say that the sofa is still sitting in the same condition -- had some family issues come up so it ended up getting back-burnered. I had decided on a boucle, but couldn't find a color I liked, so ended up picking a gun-metal grey chenille. Couldn't find an upholsterer in NYC that would do it for under $1000 in labor, though. Since you wrote some time ago, I'd be curious to hear what you ended up doing . . . . Thanks.

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11/28/07 11:22 AM

Actually, in response to Stephanie's comment, buying a steamer changed my life. Not so great on cotton blouses, but fantastic for everything else. It pretty much eliminates the need to have neatly folded anything, which is great for me since I inevitably mess up my drawers frantically looking for something to wear first thing in the morning while trying to drink my coffee.

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10/17/07 01:54 PM

Jeez, Shannon. You're scaring me -- My friends would do an intervention if I suggested devoting this much time/mental space to chores. To the extent I have a schedule it's:
Monday: Oversleep and arrive late to work. After work, go to the gym and then out for dinner and/or drinks with friends, maybe some theater.
Tues - Friday: Repeat, except gym attendance declines precipitously.
Saturday and Sunday: Hang out, read, go to a museum or gallery, maybe gym, see theater/music, have dinner/drinks.
Laundry, marketing, home repairs, etc. are squeezed in where possible, ignored otherwise.
But great if it works for you -- I'm sure your house is much cleaner and you probably don't have to buy new socks every so often because everything is in the hamper!

Apartment Therapy - Tips: 25
10/15/07 11:14 AM

I have two wire baskets of this type that look like they're from the 1940's or so. They actually make beautiful end tables when the basket is folded down and covered with a glass top.

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10/11/07 12:06 PM