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I've been inside it once for a fund-raiser. From what I remember of it, it's pretty spare on the inside, at least in the more public areas on the first floor. Almost museum-like with lots of art - mix of modern and ancient. The pictures don't quite show it, but there is a large 2nd-floor outdoor space hat runs almost the entire length of the house, which is where the fund-raiser was held. I spent a majority of my time upstairs in the back of the house in the library, which is much more low-key and is full of books (obviously) and photos and mementos. It is a very beautiful place, especially during the summer where you can spend most of your time walking around the house outside.

Chicago House by Tadao Ando
4/5/11 09:56 AM

My jaw literally hit the floor. Awesome.

#30 - Ron's Hotel "Sweet"
4/27/07 01:01 PM

The living room is the exact color scheme I've been going for in mine - so good to see it in action! Tons of inspiration here. Love it!

#29 - Lex Lynn's Modern Haven
4/27/07 08:47 AM

Love this design and I really hope it gets built. I'm glad that the newest revision is a bit more similar to the original plan, even though the spire is gone. I hope that it stays more or less this way and isn't shortened.

It'd be an amazing addition to the skyline. I was standing at Michigan and Wacker just the other day imagining how incredible it'd look just to the east of that intersection on the river.

Hot or Not?
4/3/07 09:33 AM