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i'm surprised by the level of criticism, esp compared with other house tours comments. also confused by comments about clocks and lack of cohesiveness. am i missing something or are there only 7 photos and none with a message board/intercom, clock, or garden. i don't love cardboard but i only see 2 chairs and a wine rack, which isn't overwhelming to me.

sounds like a bunch of people who are hypercritical of pratt (undergrads??) rather than impressed that a model home (which is of course fake) could be furnished entirely with stuff made by pratt people.

anyway, from what can be seen here, it looks incredible to me. the living room is cozy and i like the tile in the kitchen.

Pratt Designers Furnish a Home — Part 1 House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
12/17/09 11:07 AM

great idea, especially in this season of head colds.

Inspiration: Eucalyptus In the Bathroom | Apartment Therapy Boston
12/17/09 10:55 AM