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Patched holes and touch up paint. Cleaned. When we bought our house we were assured it would be move in ready after the rental tenants moved out. The seller had 2-3 weeks to do this before closing. Not only were there about 2000 holes that weren't patched (I wish I was exaggerating, they used a staple gun), I found piss-soaked curtains in one of the bedrooms. This was after we did the walk-through and asked if the holes were going to be patched, and told yes. The handful of holes he bothered patching were done very badly.

When Do You Consider A Place Move-In Ready?
7/29/14 09:24 AM

I love this post. My pink tile reads peachy to fleshy depending on the lighting, so I went with a super dark charcoal grey to help bring out more of the pink. The shower curtain is mostly white with some aqua. The previous owner had replaced the floor with faux slate ceramic tile, and we replaced the vanity with one from IKEA in high gloss grey. Trim is all in white. I just love it.

How to Tone Down (or Play Up!) Pink Vintage Bathroom Tile
7/23/14 04:45 PM

Oi... as a landlord, I would be extremely upset if my tenant did a major project like re-tiling my bathroom without permission. I would have no way of knowing if that was done properly and water-tight, even if it looked better, and I would have to rip it all out and redo it again. I'm okay with painting, but I was a bit miffed that my tenant didn't ask before repainting the master bedroom. Thankfully he chose grey and not burgundy or something that would be a nightmare to repaint.

I know some landlords are very uninvolved and don't bother with some of the basic upkeep of their property, but my house is nice and if there were any major renovations needed, I would do them.

Radical Renters: When Renters Make Big Changes
7/21/14 01:15 PM

Tile first! Tile can handle the weight of the cabinets on top (you wouldn't want to run a floating floor under cabinets because the flooring couldn't expand/contract properly and would cause issues), and if you ever want to change the layout, you don't have to worry about trying to patch in missing tile or finding a tile match.

Even if you keep extra tile on hand, who's to say you'll be able to match the grout? Our first house had a huge patch of missing grout underneath our dryer and I still curse whichever previous owner did that. We grouted it in when we re-tiled our fireplace, but it was not a perfect match.

Should I Install Floor Tile or Cabinets First? Good Questions
7/14/14 10:12 AM

I also use World's Best cat litter and I think it truly lives up to its name. I like that it's not clay, and it is amazing for odor control. Also, unlike the newspaper or pine litter, it clumps. It also lasts quite awhile before the entire box needs to be changed out.

If I could use that litter with this box, I would consider it, but like others have said I'd be concerned about the environmental impact of this crystal litter. My cat has taken to pooing right outside her litter box if I don't clean up her previous poo quickly enough, and she's refusing to use the second box I got for her.

The Scoop on the ScoopFree Litter Box by PetSafe Tech Test Lab Review
6/24/14 11:25 AM

That looks like a West Elm rug.

Sara's Scandinavian-Style Downtown Brooklyn Condo House Call
6/22/14 04:33 PM

If you have a steady hand and a good brush, you really don't need tape at all.

5 Places Where It's OK to Skimp on a Paint Job
6/16/14 12:44 PM

Very nice. I can't stand yellow walls, personally. Our house had a bedroom that was a bright margarine yellow (with west facing windows), and it was one of the first things I got rid of when we moved in.

Before & After: A Bright Yellow Bedroom Goes Shaker Chic
6/11/14 11:11 AM

I had two matching armchairs reupholstered last year. The arms were wood, which I had already refinished myself. Including the Knoll Soliloquy fabric, it was about $450ish each. This included stripping all the padding, which they desperately needed. The chairs are so much more comfortable now.

How Much Does it Cost to Reupholster an Armchair? Reader Intelligence Request
5/13/14 08:48 AM

I don't think I have ever seen one of these. I guess that means my house is relatively bug free.

The House Centipede: Get Rid of Them, or Let Them Be?
5/6/14 12:19 PM

The color is pretty great, and it's eco-friendly. Win-win!

Can You Guess What This Tile Is Made From? The Answer Will Surprise You
4/18/14 11:43 AM

That's pretty brilliant regarding the bulkhead. I probably would have opted for an induction cooktop if I couldn't have gas. Those old electric coils are just a nightmare. Is there a pop up exhaust hood for the stove?

Kitchen Before & After: From Dark & Dated to Light and Sophisticated Reader Kitchen Remodel
3/31/14 12:46 PM

This just happened to my friend. Her neighbors brought them into the apartment complex. She is understandably very upset with the situation.

How To Get Rid of Bedbugs Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/20/14 12:42 PM

I have a feeling that greenhouse may end up in my kitchen window, depending on the size

First Look: 12 Favorites from IKEA's New PS 2014 Collection
3/13/14 07:41 PM

The glass idea is neat, but my cats are always ruining my water by sticking their paws in it. So, new glass whenever that happens. I try to just use a water bottle instead.

5 Tips for Cutting Down On Dirty Dishes Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/3/14 11:33 AM

They also let me rub their bellies, which is the single best thing in the entire world.

10 Reasons Living with a Cat is the
Very Best

2/22/14 06:13 PM

I am sorry about your cat. It took me about a year to get over losing my first cat. Now I have two (one we adopted, one adopted us). I can't imagine life without them. Cleaning the litter box kinda sucks, but I wouldn't trade them for anything.

10 Reasons Living with a Cat is the
Very Best

2/22/14 06:12 PM

I also do not use the flat sheet. I sleep with a blanket and then a comforter (with a duvet) on top of that, so I'm not too worried about my comforter getting "dirty". Flat sheets are a pain in the ass to deal with.

What’s the Purpose of a Flat Sheet, Anyway?
1/30/14 04:35 PM

I used a spraypaint specifically designed for vinyl on my armchairs. Went through six cans for two chairs. Let them cure for two weeks before using them again, and within the first person sitting on them, the paint cracked and flaked off. It looked even worse than the original horrible vinyl had been.

Before & After: This Muted Chair Gets a Kick of Color in an Unusual Way
1/6/14 01:49 PM

I have to agree about the Malm quality being kinda crappy. We have two of the three drawer dressers. We have had them about 6 years, but very little use for the last 4, which is probably the only reason they haven't totally fallen apart yet. They had a very hard time with the last move (second move we made with them).

Honestly, with IKEA it really depends on the product. Some stuff is pretty well made, others is flimsy particle board crap.

The Ultimate IKEA Shopping List:
9 Cheap, Chic Classics

12/17/13 02:59 PM