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Here's what a burglar thinks; "Wow, if the occupant can spend $70 for a fancy schmancy doormat, what other great stuff must she/have on the inside?"

First Impressions: Door Mats with Personality
5/8/13 05:02 PM

You're gonna be vacuuming under this wreath the entire xmas season!

Split Pea Christmas Wreath See Kate Sew
12/4/12 06:24 PM

Hey commenters, "The Wire", "Deadwood" and "The Sopranos" are admittedly addictive. Most HBO and Showtime dramatic series are unavailable for streaming instantly with Netflix however.

Sleep, What's That? The Five Most Addictive Shows on Netflix
12/3/12 02:57 PM

I dislike it when a lush, continuous hedge is pruned into tight, individual little "meatballs". More work and less continuity in the garden border or foundation planting, STOP IT!

Dyed Mulch & Other Gardening Pet Peeves A Way To Garden
8/13/12 09:47 AM

Hey, this is my home town too! Will definitely check this out next time I'm back visiting family. THANKS!

Being a Tourist in Your Home Town: McConnell Springs, Lexington, Kentucky Well-Designed Travel
5/22/12 12:16 PM

the spiral topiary has totally jumped the shark. This would look great on a crackle finished tabletop in front of a sponge painted wall with a few antiqued books and other 'weathered' items. Hey, can I do this spiral topiary treatment to a plastic or silk plant?

How To Create a Spiral Topiary
5/8/12 03:41 PM

ME TOO!! It's just like a wet dog smell as someone above mentioned. I suppose its REALLY wet sheep smell as it is 100% wool. Jeeze, so glad to realize it's not me...was totally getting paranoid over this, LOL.

Good Question: Why Does My New Rug Smell?
3/21/12 10:13 AM

Neil Gaiman narrating his own books is pure AWESOME!

The Best Narrated Audio Books
3/12/12 04:40 PM

Texts are .30c each for those of us who've opted out of that feature on our cell phone plans. Risk annoyance if you leave one uninvited. Leave a voice-mail and the reason you called, even if it was only to catch up.

When Not to Leave a Voicemail
2/14/12 11:25 AM

You'd need to "flip the piece" over to hammer in the nails, no? How about push pins instead?

Painting Tip: Use Nails in Furniture Feet
10/18/11 05:27 PM

rugs, d'uh.

How to Spruce Up Rental's Carpet?
Good Questions

7/8/11 06:44 PM

With film, it's difficult to get large areas covered without creases and bubbles.

I have 2 sets of cheap, sliding mirror closet doors in my bedroom that I'm going to cover with starch and fabric shown here:

and here:

4 Ways to Get Frosted Glass in Your Home
4/8/11 10:39 AM

I have the very same office chair but in its original bright orange glory. Thanks for giving me a push to reupholster. :)

One Living Room Corner — Arranged Two Different Ways
4/5/11 05:19 PM

So happy AT will now include garden design!!! YAY!

Garden Design Comes to Apartment Therapy
The Gardenist

3/23/11 06:48 PM

Sorry, but that looks a lot like a metal ammunition box from a military surplus store to me.

Win This Metal Card Catalog Cabinet from Vintage Inc.!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

12/9/10 07:35 PM