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tb1010 - yes it seems completely reasonable to destroy someone else's property because their child was allergic to the bees. What?!!

This is not just about the loss of bees, although that certainly is tragic. This is about the destruction of private property and the demolition of hope.

Maybe there should be less focus on the intent of the vandals and more focus on why this organic farm movement appears to be so threatening to others. I think educating the public is the way to go and I hope the informational session helps dispel some of the ignorance surrounding the bees. Its my guess that those in attendance will already "bee" familiar with the benefits - thats generally how it works. You have my sympathy and my hope!

Weekend Meditation: On Vandals and Honeybees | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/25/10 12:13 PM

I love Trader Joe's and discovered the Harvest Grains Blend a while back. Here is what I did with it...It makes a gorgeous salad that can be changed up for any time of year.

Apartment Therapy - Trader Joe's Pantry: Harvest Grains Blend
10/11/07 05:04 AM