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11/8/10 01:38 PM

Hi all -

I've been made aware that some posters on this thread may have been contacted by someone saying they represent the co-op and asking them to remove their comments. This may be an overzealous member or fan of the store, but the official DPFC stance is that we would really prefer that the discussion remain open and public and that your comments, positive or negative, remain a part of it. Please don't take your comments down; the discussion has been valuable so far and we'd love to see it continue in that vein.

Many thanks!

Kath Duffy
DPFC Board member

Store Review: Dill Pickle Food Co-op | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
12/17/09 04:14 PM

Hi - I'm one of the board members of the Dill Pickle and wanted to address some of the comments about the store that have been posted above.

The idea that the co-op is funded by TIF money is not accurate. The Dill Pickle is 100% member financed - every dollar we spent to open the store came from member equity, member loans, or fundraising. This is why it took us almost five years to open this store.

We're finding the prices of some high quality organic, locally/sustainably produced, and/or fair trade products to be higher than we would like, too. We're working on this in a couple of ways: our sales levels so far are such that we are going to have to order more frequently than we anticipated, which will give us leverage in negotiating steeper discounts with our suppliers and allow us to offer these goods at lower prices. We are also working on developing our "Basic Needs Basket" program to ensure that grocery staples are available at very affordable prices.

DPFC applied to participate in the LINK program as a vendor on the day we received our business license from the city, the first day we were allowed to do so, and expect that to be ready to go in about a month (it takes 45 days for the state to process the application.) We have a small scholarship fund already in place, which will allow us to fund several memberships for low-income families who want to take part in the co-op. Membership will enable these families to receive all of the benefits of membership that every member receives, including discounts.

While our landlords are definitely wonderful, real estate professionals have assessed that we are actually paying market value rent for this area of Logan Square, same as any other retailer would. Our landlords, like the co-op itself, need to make enough money to pay the expenses of keeping this endeavor going or it's not going to last very long. We do get a good amount of volunteer assistance from our members, but even that costs the co-op some money in the discounts that volunteers are offered for their time & effort.

In the ten days that the store has been open, it has been our true pleasure to meet people who come in and tell us how they have been waiting for the store to open, how happy they are that we are in the neighborhood, how great the product line is. Every day of the week, we are selling out of breads, produce, and meats - many of which are provided to us by the same exact vendors that sell at the indoor farmer's market one day a week.

We are delighted to hear how happy everyone is with the store so far, but we take the complaints seriously as well because we are trying to be as strong a resource as we can for as much of the community as possible. If you have ideas on how to do that, your feedback is welcome, whether or not you are a co-op member. Fill out a comment card at the store, ask to speak to any of the management staff or board members who are around (we're at the store a LOT), come to a board meeting or contact us through our website -

Thanks for the feedback, & we hope to see you at the co-op soon.

Kath Duffy
DPFC Board member

Store Review: Dill Pickle Food Co-op | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
12/16/09 12:19 AM