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I gave up my home of 45 years when, at age 83, it was clear that I could no longer run up and down two flights of stairs. I do not miss it at all. Yes, it was part of my life then . . . but now is different. I have a good single level apartment in a large city; but I cannot find a similar place in an alleged retirement-friendly city. The fashion seems to be for "loft apartments," which feature bedrooms on a second story, in locations that do not have convenient public transportation. Even the "senior citizen housing" is away from any bus line, and the architecture might make a design conscious individual suicidal within a week. Take home message: Demand universal design now, or the problem will extend into the next generation.

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3/17/14 01:21 PM

A because it has a valuable feel to it, even in a photo.

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6/30/11 10:02 PM

These are very beautiful pictures of ranges that might be suitable for a farmhouse or a restaurant. Are there any beautiful stoves in the 20"-22" range?

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3/22/10 02:46 PM