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thanks for all the feedback - has given us quite a few ideas.

to answer a few questions about the structure, etc:
- the shape of the ceiling, bulkheads and short walls is due to this being a rooftop unit. that's the actual roof line of the building, so we're a bit limited when it comes to recessing things in some areas.

- i think our preference is going to be to have a decent area of open bookcases, however after submitting this post we were out looking at bookcases and saw some pieces that might be great under the large windows by the deck, creating some cabinet storage and bench seating near the window as many of you suggested - then do some open bookcases under that bulkhead and the slit windows

lots of great info here though, we really appreciate all the feed back and have even more great ideas to process

@visualingual - funny seeing you here!

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2/12/10 09:53 AM