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The original finish was nitrocellulose lacquer, and it has completely exceeded its life, and is barely there. What is left will interfere with any finish you put over the top. All the suggestions to try this or that polish will do more harm than good. You don't want to put silicone sprays, or oil into the wood, which will interfere with putting a proper lacquer, or shellac, or oil polyurethane finish on later. Water polyurethane is a bad joke, it will not hold well at all, and get all kinds of whitish spots, and peel off.

If you live in a NYC apartment and don't have an outdoor place to work, just have it refinished professionally, so you remember this piece as a cherished heirloom, and not the piece you tried this finish on, and then that finish, and then it still looked like crap, and then you pulled your hair out over it, and got dust all over everything you owned, and just wanted to get rid of the nightmare.

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Genevieve- Applying paint or dye to the cart will make a horrendous mess of it. You can probably remove much of the yellowing by applying compound and then polishing it. It is the best technique, one that we utilize restoring yellowing damages to plastic, finishes, and fiberglass at Olek Lejbzon & Co.

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