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We used this stationary for our wedding invitations too!

Apartment Therapy New York | Fabriano Medioevalis Stationery
6/2/08 05:21 PM

Blomus has a lot of nice stainless steel key holders. We have this one, and I really like it.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: What to Do With Keys?
1/7/08 11:55 AM

This is the nicest scarf I think I've ever seen. I love it!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Gift Bag 2007: Pink Scarf from Swans Island Blankets
12/14/07 02:10 PM

Yes please!

Apartment Therapy - AT Countdown.....
11/16/07 03:02 PM

I grew up in a rural town and my Mom always hung our clothes out in the summer. I now live in San Francisco, so didn't have this option until my parents came to visit. My Dad was really nice and installed a retractable closeline on our deck. I absolutely love it (and no one has complained)!

Apartment Therapy - Project Laundry List
11/14/07 03:56 PM

We bought the Torsby over two years ago—it's in our hallway and I use it to store our sheets and towels. I love it and it is still in great shape.

Apartment Therapy - Look! : New Torsby Sideboard
10/9/07 03:34 PM

My Dad's family is from Pennsylvania and he grew up eating Souse. I remember my grandmother always having some on hand when we came for visits so my Dad could get his fix. I never touched it.

Apartment Therapy - Word of Mouth: Souse
10/3/07 04:18 PM

I tried it when I stayed at my friend's family farm for Thanksgiving in Minnesota in college. I really didn't like it though; I thought it tasted like cow, and not in a good way!

Survey: Have You Ever Tasted Raw Milk?
8/9/07 11:08 AM

This is so funny, I'm taking a collection development class for my masters in library and information science program this summer, and I was just reading about gifts and library discard policies. As I was reading the post, I thought, hmmm, I don't think the library is actually going to add these books to the collection, and then after the jump, you answered my thought. You're right, they probably will go to the library sale!

Donating Books to the SFPL
6/19/07 05:41 PM

I was just wondering today what the city does with all of the compost that they collect every week. I guess this is part of it!

Tomorrow: Annual Great Compost Giveaway
6/8/07 06:56 PM

We had this microwave in our office, it looks fun, but it took 2x as long to heat things up as a regular microwave. Maybe it was because it got a lot of use though.

eBay Scavenger: Small Blue Microwave
5/1/07 08:23 PM

I have this exact composting pail, and I love it. My parents, brother and sister-in-law all have one too. They all live in places with yards and have compost piles, but I live in San Francisco and have curbside composting. This is the perfect thing for collecting scraps until Thursday trash/recycling/composting pickup by the city.

Compost Pail by R.S.V.P.
4/6/07 08:35 AM

I had a book just like this when I was little, only it was about two dogs rather than people. I loved it! It was called Big Dog Little Dog.

Good Questions: Small House/Big House Children's Book?
4/3/07 08:20 AM