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This weekend will be spinach phyllo feta cheese dish with garden spinach. Also, strawberry rhubarb pie, with garden rhubarb, upon request.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Open Thread 154
5/23/08 03:15 PM

This season will be my third with a backyard vegetable garden. I've already started my tomatoes, peppers (sweet and hot), eggplant, broccoli, kale, parsley, basil,sage, hyssop, and some marigolds and zinnias. Pea seeds went into the ground last weekend. I'm also going to sow carrots, beets, radishes, chard, turnip, cukes and beans

This is one of my favourite times of year! My perennial herbs, tarragon, thyme, oregano, chives, mint, start to grow. I miss my garden so much in the winter.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | What Are Your Gardening Plans This Year?
4/22/08 03:37 PM

This is how I dice onions, with one difference. I don't make the horizontal cuts in toward the root after making the downward cuts. The onion already comes naturally separated into layers, so I make the vertical slices, and then just start the dicing. It naturally falls apart. Then I run the knife through the pile of dice just for good measure (sometimes!). I'm lazy, and the horizontal cuts seem extra fussy.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | How To Dice An Onion: The Video
4/22/08 03:29 PM

I'm pretty well up to date on the cure. I procrastinated and just cleaned out and reorganized my 2 most problematic cupboards the other day.

Maybe some info on freezing/storing foods, for when you want to stock up on in-season produce would be useful?

Also, I'm busily planning my backyard vegetable garden, so my thoughts are turning to useful information on how to grow some of your own food, athough I do lize that this is not feasible for everyone.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Kitchn Cure: Week Five! Taking Stock and Reporting Back#comments#comments
4/18/08 06:42 AM

When I took a gardening course, the teacher routinely suggested that we should all be throwing our used coffee grinds out onto the lawn. Increases the organic matter in the soil.

You can also dry the eggshells by just rinsing and putting them out in the sun. If you don't have a food processor, put them in a bag and bash them with a rolling pin.

Apartment Therapy New York | PlantTherapy: Simple Plant Food, for Free
4/13/08 05:52 AM

I'm going to roast my chicken tonight. The linked to "Zuni method" doesn't mention anything about browning on the stove top first? Or I'm missing something.

So, I'm just going to wing the stove top part I think, and follow the rest of the recipe.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Kitchn Cure: Week Four! Fire Up the Stove
4/12/08 12:01 PM

Just echoing that peat is most definitely not a green choice, and there are so many other options. Newspaper, as mentioned above. Coir, a coconut product, also biodegradable., although not necessarily local The possibilities for seed starting containers are endless: old yogourt containers, milk cartons cut in half, milk bags, old fast food or delivery cartons etc...

Peat mulch can be replaced with compost, leaf mold, shredded tree clippings, cocoa, manure...

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Bonnie Plants Biodegradable Pots
4/12/08 07:37 AM

I keep a vegetable garden in my urban back yard. We've had near-record breaking snowfall this season, but the melt-off has started. Underneath the snow, we discovered overwintered carrots, beets and radishes, still in the ground! I'd heard that you could leave them there all winter, and pull as needed, but the snow was too deep to do that all winter long. Can't get more local than that! The radishes were perfectly crisp, and went into salad. The texture of the beets and carrots suffered somewhat, but they will go into soup.

The farmers' markets here won't even open for another couple months, and the produce at my local grocery store is terrible, and I really mean terrible, more often than not. I usually drive to a smaller, more produce-oriented store that is out of my way, but worth it.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Kitchn Cure: Week Three! Use What Your Mama Gave You
4/11/08 10:05 AM

Hmm, I just pruchased Jamie at Home from chapters Canada and got it in the mail last week. It was on sale, too!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Jamie Oliver's Proper Polenta New Book
3/31/08 11:24 AM

Chipotle Chili

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12/10/07 06:55 AM