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I'd love to hear the details of these routines. I have three (day) jobs and my art career. My schedule is a bit crazy. It's hard for me to balance work time and down time. Some mornings I'm up and out of the house at the crack of dawn, others I woodle the morning away (ahem, apartment therapy). How do you all stick to schedules when your life is constantly shifting? Any advice?

Do You Thrive on Routine?
4/29/14 12:29 PM

Lovely home!

Who is your Williamsburg artist friend who does those pretty silhouette lights? I love it!

JV and Joe's Jazzy Pad
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12/18/10 07:11 PM

I see what you mean. However, I love powerful patterns and am delighted by this place! I'm inspired to paint my fireplace some sort of coral/red and blue like here!

Color Inspiration from a Singer-Songwriter
Austin Monthly Home

11/29/10 10:22 AM

One of my all time favorite tours. Thank you!

Beth Bill's Soulful Straw Bale Retreat House Tour | Apartment Therapy DC
5/30/10 11:43 PM

I loved looking through this! It gave me some great ideas. Your wall paper is gorgeous and I love your overall style! Plus your clothes on display are very fun. Thanks for sharing!

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4/7/10 01:22 AM


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4/1/10 11:51 AM


As someone who is just starting her first New York solo apartment- my hat is most certainly off to you! I cannot believe you've been there less than a year! I am always redoing and redesigning my space (and honestly STILL have one last box to unpack after months). You do have lots of pretty things (so I can see why some might feel a little cluttered), but I think you used them very well!

I love your green lamps and rug (I'll check back, but incase you didn't already say- where are they from?). Your wall paper design is divine! I'd definitely frame that or wallpaper my place with it!

Also, great use of hanging space in the kitchen. Where did you get that cool hanger line for the mugs (I am in desperate need of a creative mug place).

Thanks for sharing! Very inspirational!!

Lauren's First Solo Flight House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
3/19/10 06:41 PM

Personally, I adore the navy blue.

Does anyone know what the gray paint in the second picture is? I love it!

A Paris Apartment Packed with Color Elle Decor | Apartment Therapy New York
3/19/10 06:05 PM

I agree with Melissa A. (and a few others). A toilet is a toilet!

Unless you have little ones who are starting to explore the house (in which case a toilet guard is appropriate anyway), I think spending time worrying about bacteria is bad for the soul.

I definitely have my guilty pleasures in life, but because all these cleaning products go into our water, I try to be careful. If you do feel more comfortable using store bought cleaning chemicals I would suggest non-canned (non-aerosol that is) products. That darn aerosol is sooooo bad for the environment, and extremely unhealthy to inhale (once the can runs out nasty nasty chemicals are breathed by you)! If you like aerosol cans, try switching to pumps or sprays!

And, though they aren't by any means good for the environment, try switching to products that are less chemical based- eco friendly products work wonders (though beware that many say "natural" and are basically the same as regular products- check the ingredients and make sure you can pronounce them). If you are concerned about bacteria and germs I bet you're health conscious- in which case your well being would benefit from safer products!

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions (I think next time I do my bathroom I'll time myself)!

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3/17/10 05:09 PM

Your house is so beautiful! It is so elegant yet homey. I love love love it! I especially adore your kitchen (chandelier and bulletin board), and classy bathroom. Good idea with letter towel hooks! Thanks for sharing!! I'm so glad your kids enjoy the space (how sweet that one dreams of living in a house similar).

Jessica's Small Space For FourHouse Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/9/10 02:23 PM

I love what you've done with your yard and porch! I also loved the cutie coming out of the little door- aDOORable!

Sara and Oliver's Colorful Treetop Bungalow RevisitedHouse Tour | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/9/10 02:08 PM

I too am curious about baking soda damages/Dawn problems.

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1/4/10 03:56 PM

What a lovely home! Thanks for sharing! It's really inspirational to see a renter's work! Looks beautiful!

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12/26/09 09:31 PM

Does anyone know where the white desk comes from? The one with the shelves? Also, the owl umbrella container in the same picture?


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12/26/09 09:04 PM

Beautiful! So calming and inviting. Thanks for sharing!

Also, you're baby is so adorable, and you seem like a lovely little family!

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12/20/09 05:28 PM