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I've been living in the same apartment for twenty years. It's never been painted accept by our dollar in a few areas. I found mold on my unpainted raw wood trim around the windows in our bedroom. There are cracks in the walls and ceilings.
I have tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. It is impossible for me to paint. This place would have required a lot of prep work to paint - the day we moved in. Prep work is the hard part. That is breaking open cracks and filling and sanding to make a smooth surface. It will cost me $20 per hour to have it painted. I have developed an allergy to mold since I've lived here. Two doctors told me I have developed asthma. This is why I've broken down and offered to paint.

I asked my landlord if he would pay for paint. He hasn't refused, but I thought it would be a no brainer. It's his property. I told him it was bare wood with mold.

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12/15/09 01:28 AM