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I think it's a wooden pestle for a chinois strainer.

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2/18/14 09:32 AM

The website asks for my social security number?? I don't think so...

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1/15/14 07:43 PM

So far everything I have clicked on has taken me to an Error 404 message. Not sure if I am the only one having trouble getting into the the posts....

Welcome to the New Apartment Therapy!
1/9/12 08:45 AM

Can anyone tell me where the blue/yellow/white vases are from? Thanks!

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Teal & Lime

12/14/11 09:07 AM

I just made this potato gratin recipe from Epicurious last week.
So simple - just 3 main ingredients. Yum!

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6/29/10 03:07 PM

Franks Red Hot on mac and cheese....mmmmmm

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6/27/10 01:38 PM

I bought what looks to be this exact chair along with another one in lemon yellow velvet, from a consigment store last fall. The shop owner had a tag on them that identified them as Paoli Furniture. They are a nice small scale chair and I thought they would be a great first apartment chair for my daughter. I paid $30 per chair, so I think you got a great deal!

Any Info on Good Secondhand Chair Find? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
4/6/10 03:55 PM