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If this was interesting I would suggest you take a look at Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project. It's a great modern version of this approach.

Lifestyle Lessons from History: Ben Franklin's 13 Tips for Happiness
5/21/14 03:26 PM

@Soozle - We too bought a Stearns and Foster and have been extremely disappointed with how it has held up. We got ours on sale and still spent around $1000 on it. We've had it for 5 years and my husband has now developed back problems because of the "sinkholes". I will be doing a lot of research for our next mattress purchase (which we unfortunately can't afford right now). Has anyone had any success putting a Tempurpedic pillow topper or something like that on top of a sinkhole-riddled mattress? Stearns and Foster I hope you hear these complaints! You make terrible, over-priced mattresses!

A Visit To The Sealy Mattress Factory and Testing Lab Trinity, NC
1/22/14 02:44 PM

Our garage door broke, but the motor and tracks were still good. I have no idea how it happened either. It came off the tracks and warped and twisted. We tried calling a repair man and after an hour or so tinkering with it he couldn't fix it. We decided to purchase an insulated door to replace it. It was basic white with small windows at the top. Knowing how frustrating it can be to install a garage door, we opted to have it installed for us. Insulated Garage door + install was around $1200 from Home Depot here in Nashville, TN.

How Much Did it Cost to Buy and Install Your Garage Door(s)? Reader Intelligence Request
1/22/14 09:53 AM

'That's how people really live. Particularly in the south, folks do have a more cluttery, jumbled, homespun aesthetic which makes them feel cozy and good. You know, the women putter and cook, and the men hunt and fish.' - Good lord VGCLARK.....not everyone in the south lives like it's 1880. We have homes and jobs and busy lives just like you.

This is a lovely home that could easily accomodate someone with a very modern aesthetic or someone who likes a more traditional or southwestern approach. The spaces are great. There's incredible light. I love the use of natural materials. What a fabulous view too!

Riki & Allen's Texas-Modern Remodel House Tour
3/16/12 02:02 PM

I love the bar stools!

Also - I usually don't like fireplaces with old school rock-looking stone but you guys really woke it up with the lighting. It really draws attention to the framed images and the modern clean mantel. I think it's a great example of how you can spruce up a permanent element in your house that would cost waaaay too much money to redo otherwise.

Shane & Holly's Missouri Modern
House Call

8/2/10 05:10 PM