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We always go with a real tree so we tend to wait until at least Dec 8th. Hosting a tree trimming party is one of our favorite ways to get in the holiday mood. I like to keep family tradition alive so the tree stays up thru the visit of the three kings in January.

O Tannenbaum: When Do You Put Up Your Tree?
12/8/11 08:02 PM

I'll chime in on washable paint. The pros: it's inexpensive, it's easy to clean (you don't have to go high gloss so long as the surface is smooth) and you can always change your mind. I know subway tile is very popular, but even sealed grout gets dirty and is a pain to clean. I love the look of a solid backsplash (no grout lines, simple, quiet) and paint is much less expensive than a solid surface.

What Are Easy To Clean Backsplash Options?
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6/1/11 01:27 PM

Yes, please. Thank you!

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11/30/10 05:13 PM

We just hosted my sister and two nephews for ten days and it was smooth sailing. We finally have a guest room and have been begging them to visit (we recently moved 2000 miles away)! She stayed in the guest room and the boys camped out in our office on an air mattress. They always helped with meal prep and clean up, grocery shopping and laundry. The boys (aged ten and 13) were good about setting the table, picking up after themselves and keeping food and drinks in the kitchen and dining room (lessening our chances of yet another ant invasion). They took us out to eat on several occasions and were good about respecting the fact that we had to work. My sister stripped the sheets off their beds and cleaned their bathroom before leaving - something I really appreciated. I'd host them again in a heartbeat!

The Considerate House Guest | Apartment Therapy New York
7/20/10 01:12 PM

Love this house. The previous owner left behind some gems. Oh how I covet the pool and the drapes in the dining room! George's welded stair rail and the pool cabana took my breath away. What I wouldn't give for that cut out for electronics under the staircase, especially the hidden wires - super fantastic! Finally, I love the placement of the desk in the living room. Looks like those windows get great light making that a really cozy spot.

Staycationing with Jess George Holt House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
7/20/10 12:53 PM