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In a word, garbage. Save yourself years of headaches and sleepless nights and buy ANYTHING else. Buy a plank to sleep on. At least you'll have some support for your back.

We paid almost $2000 for our Stearns & Foster Worth Avenue king mattress (Worthless Avenue is a much more fitting name). It has huge body impressions that the genius technicians call "normal". Is it normal to sleep with a gigantic hump in the middle of the bed? Is it normal to roll off the bed because it's so slanted from the center? Is it normal to wake up so stiff you can’t even get up because your back is out of alignment from sleeping in a giant pothole? I have been in a battle with Cardi's Furniture for over a year about this mattress and they have finally agreed to give me back a 75% credit of the cost. That's better, but I should get it all back in cash for the BS we've put up with for so long.

One of the sales people at Cardi's told me that they no longer sell the S&F line because of known defects. But that doesn't stop Cardi's management from fighting me every step of the way to replace an obviously unsupportive, sagging lump of a mattress. My husband & I are buying a new mattress and plan to contact an attorney to pursue a case against both Cardi's and Stearns & Foster for false advertising and failing to live up to their stated warranty.


Apartment Therapy - Stearns & Foster Mattresses
10/9/07 05:50 PM