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That corner wall is amazing. How about wrapping that whole wall in a cool, Missoni-inspired zigzag paint treatment using all your favorite colors. Just tape off your zigzags with different sized blue masking tape and go to town - you could have one (or both) of the big boxes mix up samples of a couple dozen colors. Tape, paint, repeat. I'd leave the opposite wall, doors and trim white.

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3/31/12 10:23 PM

Was the glassed area next to the garage originally an open porch? I think I'd paint the window frames there (including the dividers between the windows) a dark grey color to play down all those vertical lines, but leave the corner post white to act as a visual column. Also, how about some garage doors with windows or hardware (such as fake hinges) to give it more of a carriage-door look. Your shutters are way too narrow. Shutters are meant to cover the windows when they are in the closed position - look for wider ones and paint them a great shade of green. When you replace the roof, pick a grey asphalt shingle with dimension - the ones that look like aged cedar shakes. You should really play up the cottage charm of your architecture!

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12/6/11 08:36 PM

With those amazing chairs, I'd look for a more traditional pedestal table in solid wood and paint it flat black with an oil-based, enamel paint like Rust-oleum. Flat black and flat white are miracle workers in my place. A hideous wopd-grain formica table with a great chrome base? Paint it with flat Rust-oleum. Works every time, and it is incredibly durable.

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11/5/11 06:40 PM

You meant "sequin embellishment", right? This is a mistake I'm seeing, and hearing, so often. It's driving me crazy.

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8/8/11 12:45 PM

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5/10/11 08:25 PM

I did this once with a terrible dirty beige chair. The fabric was that sort of 60's slick/woven fabric that had (in this case) a tone-on-tone floral pattern. It worked perfectly - and I just used straight-up latex paint from the can.

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4/15/11 05:55 PM

You need to add some plants and I'd paint that chair white and put it back in exactly the same spot.

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1/13/11 09:57 PM

All that furniture is from Nakishima and is still available from his studio.

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1/3/11 06:08 PM

Could you just do a simple running stitch with needle and thread and avoid the glue?

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12/8/10 08:10 PM

I would find a paint color that closely matches the blue/gray tile and then paint the vanity, trim, walls and ceiling in lighter shades of that same color. Maybe the darkest of the shades on the vanity to link it more with the floor and counter tiles, medium shade on the walls and lightest shade on the ceiling. The red tile is so beautiful, bringing the rest of the room closer to the blue/gray tile color would really make it shine. Add white towels and dark wood accents with maybe a dark, wood-framed line drawing on the left.

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2/20/10 09:34 AM

I have a similar problem in my home. I finally moved everything away from the walls, centered the rug in the room and then arranged the furniture around the rug. I think your sofa should go just opposite that main entrance, in front of the large window, but with enough room to walk behind. Then arrange the chairs, tables near the sofa to form a conversation group. You could place a desk below the window where the sofa is now, and maybe a single chair by the smaller door opposite the fireplace.

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2/8/10 09:22 AM