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I'm also going to humbly request that you include the Carolinas, please! SO excited the South is getting some love.

The Daily Scavenger: Southern Edition
10/11/11 08:39 PM

The original post about this at Manhattan Nest made me laugh so hard. Daniel has impeccable and ingenious style on a budget PLUS he can write like the dickens. Definitely on my short list of dream thrifting buddies.

Before & After: A Terrific Tulip Tabletop Switcheroo
6/6/11 10:08 PM

It's lovely in its pefect way, but a bit charm-free. Everything looks like it was purchased over the course of two spendy, heady weeks. No mix of truly old and new, and nothing quirky/out of place to remind you that humans live there. I'd LOVE to vacation in this home, though, don't get me wrong.

Enough Is Enough
The Diversion Project

10/4/10 12:38 PM

$1100 for a 500 square foot 1br on the 4th floor in Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY in 2007 (lived there alone).

$1000 for a 1400 square foot three bedroom 100 year-old farmhouse on an acre in Bethesda, Durham, NC in 2010 (shared with husband).

I think I love them equally, both have been wonderful homes.

Survey: How Much Is Your Monthly Rent or Mortgage?
8/22/10 01:00 PM

For years I've used the plumbing fitting shown at the lower left of this image:


It won't rust or rot like rubber bands or ponytail holders. It unscrews completely so you needn't take apart your showerhead at all, and then you can easily fasten/tighten it to fit perfectly around the showerhead pipe. Looks a little less cobbled-together and more permanent, too.

You can find it at any hardware store for about a dollar.

How To Keep Your Shower Caddy Still Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/11/10 03:28 PM

During my last move, I put a huge lampshade inside the dryer! It fit so perfectly that it arrived totally unscathed.

How To Move a Large, Fragile Lamp Shade Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy Chicago
2/8/10 03:14 PM

We have two midcentury nightstands, similar in size but totally different shapes. I love them, although my current lamps are way too big for them/the space/life in general.

Nightstands: Necessary Evil or Creative Challenge? | Apartment Therapy DC
1/25/10 10:11 PM

I am still so in love with my duvet cover (an Imperial Trellis knockoff/tribute, so overdone, I know) that I've kept it on since summer, but I have changed out the duvet itself from summer weight synthetic to winter weight heavy down. I've also layered a woolen blanket at the foot of the bed, and the sheets have gone from white to chocolate brown... I so prefer no top sheet though. The Europeans were onto something there.

Change Bedding for Different Seasons? Survey | Apartment Therapy DC
1/21/10 09:01 PM

My boyfriend and I did this, and in a rental! Our landlord had installed the cheapest possible laminate/white foil cabinets and gave us full permission to make it look a bit better. The cost was minimal, but it was indeed a HUGE amount of work. The removal of all hardware, priming, painting several coats on both the fronts and a ton of hard-to-reach areas, sanding, retouching, rehanging, re-knobbing... It was a huge pain. I'm still glad we did it, because the difference was truly remarkable and now we seriously love our kitchen.


Spruce Up Your Kitchen With Painted Cabinets | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/18/10 10:37 AM

this would be great with metal strips and magnets, or even magnetized paint...

An Easier Way to Hang Artwork | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
11/18/09 04:02 PM