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When I lived in Mexico, (Torreon), I had a couch and loveseat reupholstered for next to nothing, $400.00 for labor and fabric. That was about 15 years ago. There were many reupholster shops to choose from as well. If I had some large pieces to reupholster, I would be tempted to haul it down, have it done, and take a vacation while waiting.

Case Studies of Real Life Upholstery Jobs: What Do People Really Pay?
6/21/12 10:03 AM

I lived in Mexico for a year and saw many rooms painted hot pink. It looks great with silver and talavera pottery accents, big yellow sunflowers, and lots of art glass.

Candy Colored: Decorating with a Pop of Hot Pink
10/18/11 10:53 PM

If that was a thrift store, I would definitely want to shop there! They have some great pieces.
Looks like a fun place to me.

Daniel & Mercedes' Midcentury Meets Industrial Loft
House Tour

10/10/11 10:23 PM

I would love to hang out here.
yes, there is lots of stuff, but it all looks interesting to me. The place looks like it has a history.

Johnelle & Brian's Rejuvenated Treasures Home
House Tour

10/9/11 10:20 PM

I like it, especially the brown walls in the kitchen.
I also like the peacock blue pillow and duvet cover on the bed with the brown and blue paisley print. I think the only thing that I am tired of seeing on AT is the Keep Calm and Carry On pictures. Other than that, I think it is fun to glean ideas from all kinds of homes, even ones that are not my taste.

Nancy & Alan’s Colorful Playa Vista Condo
House Tour

8/24/11 09:16 PM

The "women" have done a wonderful job! I loved everything except for the expletive wall art, but that is just me.

The Single Girl: Style Inspiration from Our House Tours
8/13/11 10:42 AM

I love your shower curtain. Where did you get it? I want one with grommets like that, and I've looked everywhere for one with a print to no avail.

Sarah & Craig's Jamaica Plain Treetop Treasure
House Tour

5/23/11 10:51 PM

I didn't even notice the wall to wall carpet.
Anyway, I love it. My husband has a job with a non profit and he travels a lot of East Africa, and brings home all these wonderful folk art pieces. I love mid century mod, and it has always been a challenge to intergrate both. This tour has provided inspiration on how it can be done.
Thank you.

Chris & Kenny's Blend of Mid-Century and Ethnic Prints
House Tour

12/4/10 11:29 AM

My husband and decided to forgo the Christmas tree altogether. Sometimes, we just put up decorations around the house. Lately I have been taken with the idea of setting up a humble creche or nativity scene on the inside of the house. I think I'm gravitating towards this to counteract all the consumerism that Christmas has become.

Artificial Tree vs. Real Tree: Pros and Cons
12/2/10 02:08 PM

I have the exact same dinning table and chairs!
They look great!

Cate's California Cottage
House Call

10/28/10 08:51 PM

I like the Karate chop pillows. It shows that they are not so firm. The really firm pillows bother me.

Heather's Comfortably Glamorous Family Home House Tour | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
7/7/10 12:02 AM

I love the pink and grey tiles in the bathroom. I wish more people would just embrace these older bathrooms from the 1950's. Usually, the craftsmanship and tile work is top notch. I had a whole new bathroom put in my house about 6 years ago. The tile work and new fixtures are nice, but they are not holding up that well. Since then, I have noticed that some of these 1950's ranches with the original tile look better than my 6 year old stuff. There has got to be something said for the kind of craftsmanship they did back then.

Joel's Modern Glam-ma Ranch House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/17/10 09:35 PM

My favorite is the quilt in greys and yellows.

The Brick House House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/25/10 12:38 PM

I lived in Mexico City for one year and there was a design shop there that had hot pink walls just like this. They had it filled with all kinds of silver accessories, and it was so amazing, that I would make a point just to shop there so I could spend time in the pink room. I've never had the guts to do it in my own house, but after seeing this..... I might just take the plunge. This has to be one of my favorite house tours! Not just the pink room either...all the rooms!

Patricia's Whimsical Cottage House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/24/10 11:26 PM

The Herman Miller chair looks exactly like the one I sold last summer on Craig's list. Infact, the lady who bought it drove from Minnesota down to Iowa for it. Stacie, was that you? It is fun to see one just like it on Apartment Therapy.

Johnny Stacie's Artistic SpaceHouse Call | Apartment Therapy Chicago
2/10/10 02:05 PM