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I've had two single pockets on my wall for a while - they (woollypocket) posted it on their blog here:

Since that picture I've had two of the plants die - the purple one and the small fern at the top right. I replaced the purple on with a Kangaroo Paw fern which is not doing so well either...that spot is cursed! I'm going to try a Zebra plant there next and if that doesn't work I'm going to get something fake ;-)

The others that are still doing well (since October 2010) are the Pothos (two varieties), the Prayer plant, the Peace Lilly (upper left), the Bromeliad (which has turned more vertically and isn't as obvious), and the Dracaena (which has a few leaves with brown spots but is otherwise healthy. Other than replacing the Kangaroo Paw fern, [since you asked...] I'm going to add another Bromeliad on the top right behind the Dracaena and then probably replace the Pothos in the bottom right with something that hangs more so it will cover the pocket better.

The only thing I found difficult was keeping the plants toward the back of the pocket, they kept shifting toward the front (especially the Dracaena in the middle).

If Stephanie is still following this thread I've got a couple questions. Why only water at the tongue (especially for cases where the plants have shifted forward)? Is it bad to plant both toward the front of the pocket if I wanted to fit a couple additional plants in?

Other than that, it's pretty easy and looks great.

Plant Suggestions for a Woollypocket Planter
2/5/11 10:27 PM