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I so wish people would make a shift in what type of towels they buy. Most towels in the US have become RIDICULOUSLY HUGE, THICK, ENERGY WASTING, NON ECO-FREINDLY JOKES! THE JOKE IS ON THE CONSUMER.
Really, who NEEDS several lbs. and yards of cotton to dry themselves?
After becoming disgusted with their ever increasing size and mass, taking more and more space and time in the washer and dryer, being so big they don't dry out between uses, requiring more frequent washing and drying, not lasting long and fading fast because of washer/dryer wear I was desperate to find another option.
Other places in the world use much more eco-friendly, quick drying towels. Why is it SO hard to find other options here?
Finally, a few years back I found LINDEN STREET QUICK DRYING TOWELS at JCP.
I LOVE THEM. they don't take up ridiculous amounts of space, they dry me and themselves quickly! They look good! They are NOT expensive, etc...
And NO, JCP doesn't pay me, has NOT given me free towels and the towels are the only thing I buy from them.
Be a little more ECO CONSCIOUS and less SELF ABSORBED (teehee) in your "HIGH END" towel choices.
Do yourself and the environment a teeny favor and try the Linden Street Quick-Dry towel! In the end, the High Minded choice is High End.

Style on a Budget: 10 Sources for Good, Cheap Towels
6/15/14 11:21 AM

That is a pretty big budget for a lot of folks. Try buying USED, budget or not. You can spend a fraction of that money, if you don't need INSTANT gratification.
Do the world a teeny favor and RECYCLE stuff from thrift stores that benefit charities, craigslist, anything but new, whenever possible.
If you don't rush out for NEW everything, and focus on things that are really beautiful or meaningful to you, your surroundings might really make you happy.

The Look for Less: Jamie's Living Room on a Budget Budget Living
5/7/14 04:19 PM

Aren't these TWO different kitchens? I count two sinks, two cooktops, two sinks to different tables. etc...
It or they don't seem comfortable or functional. It does looks nice staged for builder's pics and for non-cooks.
There appears to be far too much distance between workstations. If you're not the one actually working in the kitchen you won't find this annoying. I'm guessing if you can afford this place, you probably are not cooking or cleaning.
The cabinets don't look "old world". I'd have to see them up close to tell whether they were Ikea. That IS what they look like.
Where's the fridge?
Oh, I agree with the others, that stainless steel isn't low maintenance. Stainless steel does scratch, scuff and dull. I know, I have commercial kitchen fixtures.
My preference would be marble. It ages and stains gracefully. Ancient marble can be warm, soft and incredibly beautifully. The same cannot be said of stainless.

5 Ideas to Steal from a Gorgeous Stockholm Kitchen
4/24/14 02:23 PM

Ha, ha. . .grew up in Honolulu. I believe you can still tour Doris Duke's Shangri La for a fee.

Jim & Doris' Global Island Oasis House Tour
4/1/14 12:59 PM

The before appeals to me. If I were doing the piece for myself, I'd probably would have opted to go with the character the piece had developed over time. Just a cleaning and tinted wax. But, it's not mine. So, if it works for them and they love it...FABULOUS!
I'm glad it was reused and didn't go to the dump!
So, glad they didn't rush out to buy some new overpriced, knock-down, particle board, MDF, big box store crap. Yay!

Before & After: A Beat-up Bathroom Cabinet is Saved From the Trash
3/16/14 11:51 AM


Evan's Modern & Cozy Manhattan Studio House Tour
1/23/14 06:30 PM

Those saddlebag carpet pillows on that awesome Chesterfield are fantastic. I just want to lay down there.

Rachel & Tiernan's Textured Townhouse House Tour
1/21/14 10:49 PM

If you have $800 you can drop on a obscenely overpriced basket, I'd like to suggest you rethink it before buying. Think of the difference you could make in many lives. $800 to food bank or animal shelter are just 2 of millions of worthwhile ways of plunking down cash.
What could possibly justify the price for that basket lamp. Certainly, no artisan is really benefiting from the sale. Did Giada DeLaurentis' Anthropology buyer husband give you one or more of these to try? We are tired of ads disguised as decorating tips on AT.
This one was truly absurd.

Basket Weave Pendant
8/31/13 07:50 PM

Maxwell, You of all people know that the inspiration pic is perfectly edited of items that interfere with "the look" and feeling. You have a whole lot of stuff in that kitchen. Maybe you need all of it. Maybe you don't.
And like others have said, you're missing the natural and rustic elements. Everything I see looks brand new. Please don't hate me for saying this or take offense, but, it kind of looks like the Kitchen/Housewares department of Crate and Barrel or Macy's.
Wow, wouldn't an old, worn oriental rug look amazing? How about some of art of your own on walls behind the shelving? Perhaps, lose a few glasses and replace with a object/ found art piece or two you that you love looking at? You know what makes you happy to look at. You realize that you are not perfectly happy or comfortable with it right now. And you will know it when you are. In fact, everyone will. Even if it's not their style, it will feel right to others.
I see a little individuality and warmth with Ursula's art but, where are you? Did you edit yourself out?

Apartment Therapy on Copying to Learn Renovation Diary
6/11/13 12:45 PM

Yay, fun junk that's well curated. Gotta love SUPER Tuna!

Jeff's Super Small & Stylish Guest House House Tour
2/27/13 05:14 PM

Umm, what was the artist going for with Nelson Mandela's face on the Beaver toy? I'm serious. If the owners know, please clue me in. Thanks

Angela & Tania's Beadle Box House Tour
1/18/13 12:23 PM

'Tis a thing of beauty. But, I can picture every shed dog hair weaving its way into the kilim becoming a permanent part of the fabric. I seen this happen with kilim pillows. No matter how good your vacuum may be.
Best that I admire from a distance. Sigh...

George Smith Kilim Bolster Sofa
1/14/13 04:28 PM

We were teased with difficulty of hanging the the 13 foot sculpture over the stairs. He said most proud of it and pic? Wha...huh?

Kelly's Globe-Trotting DC Condo House Tour
1/10/13 12:52 PM

Absolutely agree with the "strangely, soul sucking" effect from mass produced art. I kinda feel like I was punched in the gut when I see it. I have a hard time believing that anyone saw something in Home Goods, etc. and thought...Wow, that is fantastically beautiful piece that I would treasure and love to see in my home everyday.

3 Ways To Keep A Room From Feeling Flat
1/8/13 04:31 PM

Nicely done. Just wondering why they decided not to use all the available space nook space between the door and fireplace. Wall to wall shelves would have added a bit more storage. The shelves looked maxed out already.
Wondering if there is was a particular reason we can't see.

Before & After:
A Studio Facelift in Brooklyn The Sweeten

12/11/12 12:24 PM

I'm crushin' on Denver. Love his "fly" pic!

Samuel's I <3 Denver Loft House Tour
9/14/12 12:26 PM

Phew...I was a little concerned I wasn't going to see Marwencol posted.

Five Great Documentaries to Stream on Netflix Tonight
9/5/12 03:27 PM

Yep, I thought there'd be before and after pics too.

The Simple Styling Trick that Instantly Makes Any Room Look Neater
8/29/12 12:46 PM

The Eww and Gak were because everything in these photos looks cheap, mass produced and poorly made (w/the exception of the vintage chair and possibly some rugs).
It all looks like it's going to end up in the landfill in a season or two.
I don't live in NYC, don't have access to great flea markets and don't believe in spending a fortune on "stuff."
I can appreciate ALL styles when done with creativity, thought and personality. None of those items have any special meaning to anyone. Why not live WITHOUT the cheap accessory until you find something that really speaks to you, means something to you or you created on your own.
You can find things at thrift stores and on craigslist. Save money and keep stuff out of landfills. Shouldn't your home reflect your personality and life?
If you can find a great deal on something at Home Goods, good for you! I just see too many people who have rush out and fill their house with things that have no meaning to them. Then soon tire of it.
You don't have to spend a ton of money to have good quality items, that mean something to you. Really, I don't see any treasure in these pics. Unless, the ONE and only vintage chair was under $10.

HomeGoods Summer Preview!
8/13/12 02:50 PM

I don't like, in fact, never have posted a negative comment...But, this time all I can say is GAK!
Was there payola involved?

HomeGoods Summer Preview!
8/13/12 01:34 PM