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Can you glue a thin long piece of wood along the back of the frame?

Ideas for Fixing a Sagging Frame? Good Questions
1/15/14 11:23 AM

I have to say my most useful kitchen cleaning tool is the crocheted dish scrubbie my mom made with nylon netting. It has removed cooked/baked on stains from my pots and pans that were years old, and performed out right miracles in removing debris from any surface with out creating scratches. For years my mom had been making and offering them to me, but I really wasn't interested in another home made thingy to clutter my sink. Thankfully she finally just left two at my house. Now I'm a total convert and am asking for more as a Christmas gift ;)

The Kitchn's Guide to Essential Cleaning Tools and Products Setting Up a Kitchen
10/10/12 04:17 PM

My favorite memories as a child are rocking in my mom's lap in her rocking chair. We didn't buy one especially for the baby, but we already owned two, and I love our snuggly rocking time.

One thing I thought we'd need and have only used twice is the changing pad for the top of the dresser. We always just change on the floor, but thankfully we don't have any back issues.

The other thing I'm glad we never purchased was a swing. We borrowed one from a friend, but never put it together as I didn't want the baby to *need* to be rocked or in the swing to fall asleep. We just swaddle when he's drowsy, give a kiss and a big smile until he smiles back, and then lay him to sleep in his crib. Every night he ends with a smile and wakes up the same way in the morning, no swings required. :)

The Number One Item Readers Thought They Needed But Didn't
5/23/11 04:40 PM

I absolutely love these FairyWand wooden spoons...
(click on the FairyWands section)

They get into all the corners of the pot, make tasting easy and come right or left handed! It was by far my favorite house warming gift and extra nice that it supports a local wood artist.

20 Fun and Unusual Stocking Stuffers for Cooks!
12/6/10 07:40 PM

This looks really awesome! And a quick check online shows that its's only $6.95 at

Daily Find

11/18/10 11:52 AM

We always used a vacuum on our bunny when he shed. It wasn't his favorite thing in the world, but he didn't run or fight to get away either. It might have helped that the vacuum had a 'quiet guard' on it so it may not have been as terrifying as the average vacuum. Before the vacuum we had used lint rollers, which worked very well, but isn't practical for anything larger than our tiny 2lb bunny.

Dyson Wants To Vacuum Your Pets
11/4/10 04:53 PM