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Paint those outlets and switch plates. White on a dark wall look like pimples!

Rachel's Mid Century Rancho Hideaway
House Tour

11/7/11 11:31 PM

But the problem is that the unit's not practical. You can see in the photos that books can't be stored upright easily. Maybe, this would okay as a room divider, but it's not useful as a bookcase.

Hexy Wall: Adaptable Magnetic Geometrical Storage
10/3/11 01:29 PM

I wanted the pencils, which were stocked in about 10 stores, nationwide. I'm not paying for them on Ebay.

Missoni for Target: The Aftermath Plus Product Reviews!
9/27/11 11:43 AM

If it's an antique, don't wash it in a machine!
And why not hang it on the wall, rather than use it on the bed?

Decorate Bedroom Around Found Antique Quilt?
Good Questions

9/22/11 02:07 PM

If it's just the two of you, why bother with side chairs at the table at all? Benches are so uncomfortable.

Before & After: A Simple Switch Opens Up a Dining Room
9/22/11 01:50 PM

I thought we were supposed to take photos of collections and ditch the objects? So if we collect photographs, we take photos of those?
AT needs a consistent editorial policy and style.

More is More: Making Interesting Collections of Multiples
9/16/11 12:44 PM

Then you don't have a collection, you have snapshots. It's not the same. If you're just collecting random junk, sure, but if you're really researching and acquiring the knowledge that goes with collecting, dumping the items in favor of photos is stupid. I collect WWI original posters--am I supposed to throw them away and look at my Flickr links?

Photographing a Collection
9/8/11 06:10 PM

By prints, do you mean real artist prints or just reproductions?

Where To Find Wayne Thiebaud Prints?
Good Questions

8/6/11 02:49 PM

Why would you paint a room a color that doesn't flatter you? But I think opposites are better--ornate decor, minimalist fashion. And vice versa.

Defining Your Home Style: Look At Your Wardrobe
8/4/11 09:00 PM

He lives sort of near the garment district in LA--nice building.

Design Star Antonio Ballatore's Downtown Loft
House Tour

7/28/11 03:53 PM

Reading and shopping? Hmmm. How about going to the beach? Or another part of LA where you've never been?

5 Local Los Angeles Escapes That Inspire & Rejuvinate
7/25/11 01:40 PM

I'd build a hinged screen that can serve as a trellis in the front and that hides all the junk in the back. You could attach some sort of planter in the front, and let the vines crawl up.

How To Utilize Small Awkward Outdoor Nook?
Good Questions

7/25/11 01:39 PM

Won't these grow mold?

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Candles
7/21/11 12:33 PM

This is a joke, right? Today's Amtrak is a far cry from those shown in old movies.

Sleeper Car Chic
7/11/11 11:35 AM

There's a reason sheets are made commercially--they're woven in the right widths. If you don't mind a seam down the center--sure, feel free to make your own.

High Quality Fabric Sources for DIY Bed Sheets?
Good Questions

6/29/11 12:35 PM

Why are all the examples shown upper-middle class icons? Yuppie is Yuppie. Let's think long and hard about design for everyone, not just shoppers and hipsters. Aging population has far different needs than young families.

Design is the New Food
Chapter 7: Ten Things You Need to Know about Apartment Therapy

6/27/11 02:20 PM

Here in Southern California, many "McMansions" are built by foreign-born immigrants who house multiple generations under one roof. I know that Orleans isn't writing about them, but maybe, just maybe, people have reasons other than ostentatious display for building a big house. Per square foot costs actually go down in a larger house, too. And Frank Lloyd Wright isn't exactly the poster boy for housing for the masses.

Susan Orlean Versus the Too-Big House
The New Yorker

6/22/11 12:40 PM

I think Eva Zweisel pre-dated him, didn't she? I like the shapes, but what food looks appealing on that coral color?

Russel Wright: Pottery That Changed Design Forever
6/20/11 01:26 PM

This place is great, but then again, she's in the design biz. Love it!

Darra's Wild Style Loft
House Call

6/13/11 01:53 PM

I think it would look more in period with a turned wood piece, but it's a cute idea.

Merrilee's Surprising New Use for a Cake Carrier
6/9/11 07:02 PM