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dunno why the link isn't working. oh wait, now i remember - i suck at HTML.

anyway, it's to my blog @

you can find my homemade pasta, predictably, in the "pasta" category.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Weekend Project: Make Pasta!
1/22/09 01:42 PM

tomorrow's supposed to be a snowy day, maybe i'll stay in and make homemade pasta or ravioli. but we don' need no stinking pasta roller!

@ kitchenplay: i have a really easy recipe for <a/>butternut squash ravioli.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Weekend Project: Make Pasta!
1/9/09 03:17 PM

for an interesting mix of posts and good laughs,

for the best recipes and posts i was going to say smitten kitchen, a no brainer, but she's already a powerhouse blog, so instead i'm going to go with

i read WAY too many of these things, it's hard to pick just a few.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | The Homies: Best Home Cooking Blog of 2008? submit your nomination...
12/29/08 12:46 PM

the ugly american!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Thursday Giveaway: Krups Panini Maker
2/29/08 09:12 AM

1. in chili

2. in chocolate guinness cake, or in a milkshake (young's chocolate stout with ice cream... yum)

3. for braised meats, especially belgian beers like chimay.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Ingredient Spotlight: Cooking with Beer
2/29/08 09:10 AM

i made these cookies last night as a component of a dish I made for World Nutella Day, and they were great - the texture is perfect.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Bittersweet Baking Finalist #3: Brownie Cookies
2/3/08 09:20 AM

Cupcakes! Nigella's chocolate/guiness recipe makes a tasty cupcake.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Questions for Lisa Yockelson: Good Portable Chocolate Desserts?
1/23/08 07:33 AM

The inside of the pod is vile! But god bless the people who figured out how to manipulate the cacao guts to give us chocolate.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Word of Mouth: Cacao
1/22/08 05:26 AM

a rolling pin, a bunch of spatulas and a silpat.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Five Essential Baking Tools: Prep
1/16/08 05:42 AM

flank-steck fajitas with peppers and onions. we just got a whole bunch of dried chiles, so i think we're going to try and making a spicy 3-chile paste for the meat.

cream biscuits with fresh sage sound *amazing*.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Open Thread #131
1/16/08 05:41 AM

I also have the gas range / electric oven combo and I love it (it came with my apartment, so I just lucked out). I much prefer cooking with gas, even though electric cooktops have come a long way, and can still get the heat benefits of the electric oven. I think mine is a GE? Or maybe a Frigidaire.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Gas vs. Electric Ovens
1/16/08 05:39 AM

Double chocolate layer cake, hands down. The batter is incredibly liquid and it bakes forever at a really low temperature, and it's the most amazing chocolate cake ever. Ever.

Second runner up: gingerbread stout cake.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Thursday Giveaway: Tastebooks from Epicurious
1/10/08 10:39 AM

I love me me some bacon, but I don't know about bacon salt. I *do* know about farro, which is my new favorite grain ever since I had the farro risotto at Perilla last month. I tried to re-create it, with mixed results...

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Bacon Salt: Vegetarian AND Vegan?
1/10/08 10:36 AM

Thanks for the great comments, everyone!

Answers to questions:

The bookshelf in the puppy reading nook is from West Elm, but I don't know if they make it anymore.

The revolving book rack in the living room was found on the street a few years ago on garbage night, rescued and cleaned up.

The lighting fixture in the living room (which we put in after doing most of the rest of the room) makes sense in context (I hope); unfortunately it's an oddly shaped room that's hard to photograph as a whole. It also gets so much light through our giant windows that a lot of the color is actually washed out in the photo.

Also, hi Robin!

Apartment Therapy - #36 - Michelle Brian Are Tired of White
10/26/07 07:13 PM

As the owner of the home, thanks for all the great comments so far. I just wanted to jump in and calm everyone down about the windows over the bed. They are pretty heavy, but VERY well anchored to the walls. I hung each one with several L-brackets all around the frames so they're solidly hung, but the brackets aren't clearly visible from the room. I wouldn't worry too much about them falling on our heads. And I'm overly-cautious about everything.

Additionally, we also love to snorgle our two furbabies (one of whom did not end up in the photos).

Apartment Therapy - #36 - Michelle & Brian Are Tired of White
10/25/07 02:37 PM