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I come from a 'semi' naked family. 5 boys, 2 girls…remarriages with spouses kids. Older now, i like the ability to close the door if i want to or leave it open if i want. That said, i'm now married to someone who came from a 'naked' family. In his case i don't believe that the nudity has made him or his family any more open minded or with a healthier body image. He and his family have 'fat' issues/body issues and are blatantly dismissive of others wishes regarding clothes. I can go either way…but i much prefer to not make other people uncomfortable…including family. If i am by myself and it's winter i'm clothed…in summer, not so much.

Are You From a Naked Family?
5/16/14 02:10 PM

Thanks so much for the update. I'm rethinking our Ikea butcher block counter idea. I have two kids and a lazy other half...which makes even thinking of maintenance a nail biter. I've read really good things about that faucet so hopefully it'll all work out. Awesome job and fun to follow you through the whole process.

Claire & Jeffrey's Kitchen: Cabinets and Countertops Renovation Diary
5/15/13 04:44 PM

Oh....and.....if you used the 37" ikea corner did you get that corner leg in...I've heard strange tales of what people do for this...Thanks!

Claire & Jeffrey's Kitchen: Cabinets and Countertops Renovation Diary
4/30/13 06:45 PM

I wanted to ask you two things...I see you have the corner Akurum Ikea cabinet (37") and i wondered if you have put shelving in it or are you using the carousel and how that is working for you. The other question was about your choice of faucet. Did you go with a Delta Trinsic or some other brand? and what did you think?
Thanks! and amazing work...kuddos.

Claire & Jeffrey's Kitchen: Cabinets and Countertops Renovation Diary
4/29/13 06:31 PM

Awesome. It's really inspiring....of the all these kitchen redo's i keep looking at how yours is going. I love how you are doing so much of the work yourselves.

Claire & Jeffrey's Kitchen: New (Old) Floors Renovation Diary
3/18/13 05:45 PM

I love that Meg did such an amazing and inventive job with so little money. It's inspiring to see that the kids are so happy with the outcome too. Kudos!

Meg's Room For Three
Room Tour

7/17/12 01:08 PM

Holy Crimmini's that's amazing....It doesn't look or 'feel' cramped at all. Congrats!, you've got my vote.

Jennifer's Gathering Place Small Cool Contest
4/3/12 12:51 PM

I think using pallets is a great upcycle. I've seen various comments on the chemical treatment/bacteria rate/'scarey factor' that some people are posting. I've done a bit of research on this and found that the '' site is actually a site...ahem...I've posted further on this on Apartment Therapy on the '5 Inspired Pallet Furniture Designs'. I'm not adverse to using 'any' substance in design but i think it gets to be 'preachy' when commenters are basically 'wrist slapping' ideas.

Before & After: $60 Galley Kitchen Transformation
Circa Dee

1/9/12 03:34 PM

I'm not sure i believe all the hype about wood pallets and toxins. Through some research i have found that some is and some isn't, some pallets are more identifiably treated and should not be used. This is a quote from More on pallets from Mike

I read with interest one of your visitors comments on burning pallets. I have worked in the wood industry for almost 30 years and have sold many pallet manufacturers. I believe that the use of treated lumber in pallets is a rare occurrence. The pallet industry is a down and dirty price sensitive business because the product being manufactured is generally a throw away. I think with a little more research you will find that the main anti-bug requirement for pallets and shipping crates would be heat treating and not chemical treatment. Hard wood doesn't take treatment well anyway. Mostly southern yellow pine is a used in treating. Even new requirements for export require heat treated verification to prevent bug infestation. The greatest opportunity for chemicals on pallets comes during their use, not manufacture.

Mike, October 8, 2005

and another:
Kevin says don't burn pallets

I was reading your questions and answers archive and noticed the one about it being okay to burn pallets. I was burning pallets last year until my research revealed that most shipping wood is treated with one or more of the following: fire retardant; insecticide; fungicide. The arsenic treatments were easy to spot being green; now copper compounds are used. Insecticides are not easy to detect. Fire retardants result in a brownish or rust colored stain. I have noticed that sometimes even stickers (for under bunks of lumber) are treated. I thought that I had discovered a gold mine when I saw pallets for countertops made of 4x4 oak 10' long with 3' cross members, until I saw that telltale brownish stain. I was heartbroken! In other words, err on the side of caution when selecting shipping wood.

Kevin, December 27, 2004

Seeing as most of the readers here aren't burning the pallets but are using them nonetheless i think it would be prudent to know more about the materials they are using. On an end note, some of the first searches that will come up when you look into wood pallets and toxins are provided by the PLASTICS industry.

5 Inspired Pallet Furniture Designs

9/9/11 03:47 PM

Super lovely. Would love to see more from the link but it is not working.

Maëlys and Chloé's No Pretty in Pink Please Girls' Room
Shared Room Tour

8/11/11 01:44 PM

This is such a wonderfully thought out room. So many spaces for the 'stuff' and still so uncluttered. It has all the books, toys, clothes, art. I wonder if you thought of recreating a sliding door for the entrance instead of the workaround with the notch in the bed. Just a thought, as i have similar issues with parts of my own house. Really inspiring, thanks!

Roman, Milo & Luca's Bedroom of Nooks
Room Tour

6/13/11 03:00 PM

Wow. That is a crackalackin' "before" photo...makes the "after" photo look spankin'....

A Bathroom Renovation in Black and White
5/5/11 02:31 PM

It really is very lovely. It would be nice if there were more pictures in the tour. I like the floors against the whiteness. will get dirty (as someone mentioned) but everything in a child's room eventually gets redone. I'd love to see book and toy space (if there is any). All the 'newness' kind of removes and negates the warmth of a child's area. (At least for me).

Sebastian's White Nursery
Nursery Tour

3/15/11 01:32 PM

Wow. Second 'eskelcoon'.....sick with money.

Before & After: SoHo Rooftop Renovation
Professional Project

2/17/11 01:15 PM

I it.
Um...not ALL of it....the helicopters i would ditch...WAY too scarey in Israel (of all places)...I would put a bunch of Woolly pockets on one wall with a bunch of plants....and/or a big old mobile made out of tchotchke's....or interchangeable objects. That keeps the 'clutter' a bit contained, interesting and interactive....

When Is Minimalist Too Minimal?
1/24/11 11:03 PM

Pia Wallen does some wonderful stuff!

Win This Pia Wallén Felt Box from @WorkDesign!
Holiday Giveaway 2010

12/16/10 01:47 PM

I did the wood floor thing in my kitchen and as long as you do layers and layers and layers of varnish/acrylic (probably spar varnish is best) you are good to go.

That's No Sub Floor — That's a Space Station!
10/14/10 06:37 PM

It looks like the cover is a photo of Julianne Moores son's room...from quite a few years ago.

Susanna Salk on Room for ChildrenStylish Spaces for Sleep and Play | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
6/25/10 02:10 PM

Really loveable and workable and earthy. If you don't mind me asking....How do you HEAT yourselves up?....(other than that...) I live in SF and it's incredibly cold old where you are. I would imagine that you bundle up? Space heaters? I don't see any sort of heating system. Congrats on a wonderful space...and thank you for sharing.

House Tour: Mason and Serena's Sunset Beach Bungalow San Francisco | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
6/24/10 03:34 PM

Anyone know where to get the bedspreads in the third room?

Cottage-Inspired Kids' Rooms Canadian House Home | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
6/17/10 01:09 PM