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Mine was gifted to me by my aunt who was moving to a smaller place. It was 5 feet tall 4 years ago. It is now almost 12 feet tall. Thankfully we have 20 foot ceiling in the dining room where we have full sunlight.! It is very happy with watering once a week, dusting the leaves with a microfiber cloth, and keeping it 10 feet from the window!

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2/10/14 02:04 PM

I live in North Carolina. The sofa is a family heirloom, is about 6 feet long, is a French provincial with three cushions and no tufting. I paid $150 for the fabric( A heavy duty velvet), had new cushions and the springs completely redone as well as some repairs to the frame. I paid $850 for the work and pickup/delivery.

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1/30/14 09:45 AM

For my 10'x12' run of backsplash about 18" high, I spent about $30 all together, as I used remenant tile from Habitat for free and leftover supplies from other renovation projects. I only had to purchase a few filler tiles for my mosaic and love it!

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1/20/14 10:04 AM