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Suggestion: If you are thinking of making a major purchase on a memory foam mattress, first buy a memory foam pillow and see how that works for you. I bought a pillow for about $30 (after my 20% off coupon from BB&B) and the smell was pretty strong for several weeks. I really like the pillow and the smell is bearable now but I can imagine that there is a stronger smell for a big mattress as opposed to a standard pillow. The pillow has helped me with my neck pain.

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9/11/07 03:33 PM

I must say that I like reading the suggestions posted by the readers here. You all try to be reasonable and come up with doable, and often inexpensive, fixes. I posted a pic of my living room on HGTV's Rate My Space and I wasn't even soliciting suggestions for changes and I got a comment from a reader there suggesting that I completely tear down a large wall. What the heck?? Nowhere in my post did I say that I had an unlimited renovation budget.

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8/1/07 03:32 PM

When you're doing one side of the pane, mark streaks that you see on the other side with little post-it notes so that you know where to clean on the other side.

Tips for Washing Dirty Windows
6/30/07 08:35 AM

I don't know if lighting is an issue but you can buy battery powered lights that you hang on the wall with one nail and turn on/off by just tapping it. They cost $5 at Target and do a good job of lighting up small spaces.

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4/2/07 07:24 PM