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The e-book is coming, 'death of the book' announcement/pronouncement is now at least 8 years old and it is truly getting a bit boring. As someone who founded an online, electronic 'magazine' in the late 90's, I think both formats have their uses and offer different creative opportunities. Based on the poll above, even internet blog participants are still mightily attached to their paper books. I see nothing wrong with that !

Apartment Therapy - Survey: Can You Live Without Books?
10/5/07 08:42 PM

I really like how the colors work together and how you've maximized the way the light works in the rooms -- you've done a superb job -- you're so right about the tones! What wonderful creature helped you find that house? (sorry, couldn't resist !!) It is so *you* now and that's the best compliment I can think of. Speaking of verklempt :)

Apartment Therapy - #5 - Melissa's Color Extensions
10/5/07 07:53 PM