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NYC is not a regular city.
We all make choices in life. We all make compromises.
In NYC it is very normal to take your clothes to the cleaners to get washed. This does not always mean dry cleaning. Most New Yorkers do not have washing machines in their apartment and choose to have someone else do their laundry. It is convenient and just as pricey as laundromats and in-building laundry rooms.
Also, there are many places to go and hang out other than at home. You can go read a book at Starbucks or preferably one of the many other cafe options. You can eat at one of a hundred restaurants all within walking distance of home or work.
I agree with others that I personally would have done more with maximizing storage, but hey, it works for them. If you have never lived in NYC you will never understand them. I'm not sure I fully understand them, but as I stated earlier, we all make our own choices in life.

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12/9/09 07:08 PM