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LOVE LOVE the vase is from Ikea. Always get nervous when I scroll down to see how expensive an item is in the picture.

Red & Green Tabletop for Holidays & Everyday
12/1/11 08:51 AM

I have the Zen platform bed from Charles Rodgers. The bed is gorgeous and solid. The prices are cheaper than Crate and Barrel and I think better made as well. Instead of slats in the middle of the bed, they have an upholstered Platform. Best part, they don't squeak.

What Makes a Quality Platform Bed?
Good Questions

10/14/11 01:51 PM

How about his style for major pieces and your style for accessories?

How To Merge Our Different Decorating Styles?
Good Questions

2/22/11 01:15 PM

Had issues with ideeli. Items were not shipped as promised and delayed an extra month without notification.

10 Home Decor Private Sale Sites

12/14/10 03:38 PM

I think re-gifting a gift to someone you know will love it is great. Otherwise, it is just tacky, especially when the person receiving the gift finds out.

The Ground Rules of Regifting | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/11/09 04:02 PM