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for an amazing resource for vintage stoves, especially for those on the left coast, check out:

they really know their stuff and the "backlot" is filled with some amazing specimens. these old stoves were built to last. my 50's occidental with the "griddle in the middle" works perfectly. buckeye repaired and serviced it.

Style Inspiration: Vintage Stoves
2/3/12 10:08 AM

a/t staffers must really be scrambling to repair the recent site redesign. why else would you post this article that ran a week ago in the ny times?

malcolm needs to postpone his "meet and greets" and get back to the office and fix this hot mess! i am still not liking the changes at all!

A Look at Infamous Architecture in Mexico
New York Times

1/26/12 01:50 PM

ok, it has been 2 weeks now and i am still not loving your changes. i am not even warming up to them. i keep waiting for the everything button that was promised. don't like the way it looks, don't like the way it works.

like so many others, my daily visits have reduced because i just can't get into what you have done. i used to really look forward to popping in for a look-see several times a day and now i dread it. and i am still totally blown away that you did this without any notice to your readers.
@2week review: a solid "meh".

Welcome to the New Apartment Therapy!
1/20/12 10:35 AM

i see that AT also has an evil corporate officer whose position is to periodically rearrange things so that regular "customers" have to look to find what they want. target does it all the time, hardware stores are notorious for doing this. i hate, repeat hate, when they do that.

as for your "freshening", i don't like it all. could you possibly make it any whiter? it is almost blinding. my review of your work: yuck! instead of boring us to tears with the year end "best of" series, this is what you did over the holidays??????? you should have gone skiing or something!

Welcome to the New Apartment Therapy!
1/9/12 01:40 PM

we cut and trim our christmas tree on the winter solstice. we take it down on the day of december 31 to start the new year with a fresh look. then we "plant" the tree out back for the birds to enjoy for several months. after it has lost all its color, we cut the branches to fireplace size to burn in the woodstove on our back deck on cool spring nights.

O Tannenbaum: When Do You Put Up Your Tree?
12/10/11 01:39 PM

i would add:

there is a reason they are called spices,

pay cash,

no white shoes before easter sunday or after labor day(this goes for velvet and tweed, as well), it is just not done!

8 Things That Would've Made Adulthood Easier
8/2/11 08:55 PM

is it just me or is the whole ikea experience sliding down a slippery slope?

a recent visit to the emeryville store(on a friday afternoon) revealed a messy showroom, very unclean restaurant and really nothing new and different for sale. and the one thing i went in for, a $9.99 lamp, had gone up 3 bucks and was out of stock in the color i needed.

plus, when are they ever going to actually sell online? i live 100 miles from the closest store and simply don't get why in the second decade of the 21st century this company resists an actual online purchase ability. have you ever found anything in the online catalog that you could actually buy "online"?

when i wrote a fairly detailed letter about my concerns to their "contact us", all i got back was an obvious "robo-reply".

i will give them one more chance as every store has a "bad hair day" every once in a while. but, if my next visit is as bad as the last, it really will be my last!

The IKEA Habit: Need vs. Want
7/27/11 11:01 AM

saucekat's and funstraw's comments beg for a reminder that in interior design as in all things, it is often a good thing to "stretch" one's arm around one's backside and remove that "cork of propriety" from one's posterior.

lighten up folks! if nothing else, the video shows off a really wonderful, really, really awful dining room.

Glenn Shadix 1952 - 2010
9/9/10 02:09 PM

while i usually like the infusion of small touches of modern into classic rooms, the coffee table is a huge mistake and ruins the re-do for me. otherwise, it is calm and comfortable. but has mrs. obama actually seen that blocky thing or did barrack sneak it in from his rumpus room in chicago?

Reactions to the New Oval Office
The New York Times

9/2/10 12:02 PM

a smile........oh! and socks in the winter time but only til i get all warmed up!

Survey: What Do You Sleep In? | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/29/10 05:55 PM

yuck! eck! bleh!

The Writer's Romantic Supper by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan for Apartment Therapy Bloomingdale's Big Window Challenge 2010, Room #2 | Apartment Therapy New York
1/21/10 03:53 PM

my all time favorite was a yard display on north bumby ave. in orlando that had a scene of santa's sleigh crashing into an outhouse. santa's cartoon balloon read:"no rudolph, i said the schmidt house!" happy holidaze!

Look! Crazy Christmas Decoration | Apartment Therapy New York
12/9/09 11:06 AM