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This is great! Thanks so much for including my petit calendar!

The Best of Etsy: A Roundup of 2012 Calendars
12/12/11 10:06 PM

This is a really offense name on so many levels. Clever idea, but the name not so much. It's really disappointing that such a well respected site would endorse something so blatantly out of line. Can we please not perpetuate and further celebrate such ignorance?! On top of it all to end the post with that last sentence was beyond tasteless.

Knitta, Please! Website | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/15/09 02:40 PM

I have been obsessed with turq for a few years now! I thinnk this is a good sign for 2010!

Turquoise Named Pantone's Color of 2010 | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
12/9/09 10:05 AM