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Love the big windows, the furniture, and the style in general. But the popcorn ceiling and carpets are kinda gross and distracting from the decor.

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7/15/10 03:42 PM

binder clip

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7/8/10 03:52 PM

hire a maid?

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7/8/10 03:40 PM

I love this whole space! Katie did a great job!

Could you give any more of the sources? Where are the fabrics from, I love all the yellows and oranges in the living room!

Katie's Flea Market Fabulous Small Space House Tour | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
7/8/10 03:27 PM

I absolutely love this! Usually 'English' style makes me think of old grandma's houses with lace doilies, but he's done a perfect combo of British and Manly!

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6/16/10 12:19 PM

Having a popular name is not that big a deal. My name is Lauren and yes I know about 5 million Laurens but it's not 'traumatic.' Usually most of them have nicknames anyway, so I've never had to go by anything but Lauren!

Just pick what you like!

I don't have any kids but my dogs are Ella and Molly and they both made the top 100 list :)

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4/19/10 03:22 PM

i love how mellow and relaxing this place looks. I'd love to see more pictures of it!

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4/15/10 02:56 PM

backsplash, paint, window treatments and accessories are all good and quick options.

but really I'm with trishdom, the counters are doing nothing good and really limit what colors you can use.

The floors kinda blah beige too, but i guess that could just be covered with a rug.

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3/16/10 08:30 AM

Paint and shower curtain can be any color! Be loud or bright, not pale or dark. I'd pick a shower curtain first and work the paint around it, I did my place paint first and it really limited my shower curtain selection.

Medicine cabinet can be white if you're painting the walls.

And get a rug too.

No stick on tiles, they're tacky.

I think after these things there won't be much white left really. It doesn't look like a big bathroom. And the shower curtain and rug will cover most of the tile.

Advice for This Bare Rental Bathroom? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
3/11/10 08:18 AM

This is undoubtedly the best Q&A session in a long time.

I second the idea (awhile back) of making a mini diorama of your bathroom. Maybe even add a person sitting on the toilet looking at another mini diorama!!

So much fun in one little tp cubby :)

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3/10/10 08:40 AM

Yeah, go for a non green color like aqua and you cans still use green accents like towels and plants...but white would be boring and the green would have to be a noticeably lighter shade if its touching the green tiles. And that wouldn't add much color.

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3/8/10 08:41 AM

I love this house! Beautiful use of colors, very well done.

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2/24/10 08:31 AM

You guys didn't show the pictures from the website! Molly Mutt makes really cute duvets to go over the stuff sack! Plus you could easily just put an old pillow in it if your dog is picky about what they will lay on! Check out the website to see what they really look like: http://mollymutt.com/

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2/2/10 03:26 PM

I LOVE your island. I've been looking for one and everything i've seen has too much 'stuff' on it, I just want a nice plain wood style one like that. Where is it from?

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12/10/09 09:19 AM