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Infuse them in vodka with other complimentary flavors for a liqueur. When added to soda, fresh fruit juice, and bitters, it is not nearly so sweet, and makes a fun in-house cocktail.

The Quickest Way to Use Up Flavored Teas You Don't Want to Drink
1/23/12 08:53 PM

Would it be possible to put people's drive to create the garage-sale clutter to use with a small bookcase thats clearly defined as a "give-take-books only" library?

What Can I Put In This Space?
5/18/11 01:16 PM

Good morning! Forgive me if this is something you have tried already, but I like to freeze my pie shells for 10-15 minutes before I pre-bake them. Then I put a layer of foil on, and since the dough is firm from the freezer, i tuck the foil so it is like a second skin on the pie, and I am able to fill it to the brim with dried beans or rice for baking. The formed crust keeps its shape with the foil skin and plenty of weights.

Help Me Make More Beautiful Pie Crusts
Good Questions

4/27/11 09:43 AM

My immersion blender almost chopped my finger off and I still love it! I was swooping out a piece of cilantro for a salsa, when i accidentally pressed the on button! Cut the tip down to the bone, but I still have a finger and the blender- and after some hesitation, use it all the time.

Immersion Blenders: Should You Buy One?
1/6/11 05:31 PM

Yesterday, I got a long coveted Orange KitchenAid Mixer.
And on the same day, a new Orange Boyfriend.

Both exciting firsts for me! Perfect that they were lined up.

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying a KitchenAid (Or Any Stand Mixer)
12/15/10 03:08 PM