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Honestly, I don't really care for the decorating in this house. What a fabulous house to work with too! There's no set aesthetic...things are just sort of thrown all over the place and the colors are off. As artists, there's so much you can do with a space like that creatively and I just felt like they are overwhelmed with the size of the space. What's up with the overly cluttered room with boxes lying around? I would be mortified if someone came to photograph my home and I hadn't cleaned up the clutter. Fabulous house though...those views are to die for. I just wish the space wasn't so schizophrenic.

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3/16/12 09:12 AM

A_FUNK09, if you look closely at the picture then you can clearly see that the opening is not exactly parallel and was never intended to house an actual door. I like the clever half door idea personally....especially since I rarely go into someone's home and see a whole door blocking a staircase leading up to the bedrooms/bathroom. That to me would be the most visually unappealing solution not to mention dangerous.

Alternative to Baby Gates: Half Doors
Kelly Rae Roberts

2/8/12 09:24 PM

I hate to be the one who says this, but you better hope a child services employee does not see this post - because I'm pretty sure this may fall under child endangerment. I would be pretty darn embarrassed to even show this space to my family, let alone share pictures of it on the internet to thousands of strangers! I have two children and I would rather sleep on the floor of the kitchen if that meant giving my child a safe and comfortable space to sleep in. Shame on you!

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5/16/11 02:00 PM

At least Luke has a roof over his head! Lighten up could be a LOT worse!

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4/25/11 01:47 PM


Me= 1

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