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FAB!!! I want one.

Before & After: Backyard Gate Gets More Glamorous Reddit
6/17/14 12:09 AM

SO cheerful! I love it! Good work. : )

Bill's Wonderful Sunshine Small Cool Contest
6/4/14 02:39 PM

All those lovely glassed-in cabinets! Beautiful, as are the collections inside. I also enjoy that flowery lamp in the bedroom.....I'd love to figure out how to make one.

Laura's Bright and Beautiful Victorian Duplex in Glasgow House Tour
5/6/14 03:16 PM

If the kitchen has little light, I can seem this being an asset. That might actually work well in my current moderately dark kitchen (only one small window facing east).

But I'm distracted by the wonderful collection of dishes in that first photo... : )

Weekend Room Refresh: 7 Kitchens Made Better With a Mirror
3/3/14 01:08 AM

Inspirational. Great colors, too. : )

Before & After: From Big, Brown Box to Pretty & Posh
2/12/14 10:22 PM

A girlfriend of mine bought a great Chinese brocade tote bag to use as her baby bag, and now that the kids are in school, she still uses it as a tote. It's big, handy, and very pretty.

Alison's List: Baby Goods I'm Glad I Bought & Ones I Wish I Hadn't
2/12/14 09:46 AM

Love that chandelier and color combo in the dining room, and boy - that library! But I ADORE that sunroom!! S I G H.

Great job - more pictures, so we can ooh and ahh some more!

Cinda & Mark's House of Chic Contrasts House Tour
2/4/14 01:45 PM

LOVE that spire/altar piece in the dining room!!! Wow! Also, I don't normally like yellow, but those yellow drapes are marvelous!!

Wow - what a wonderfully comfy and fabulously interesting residence!! This gent has excellent taste. : ) He's put his eclectic experience and fine eye to good work.

Tim's Cabinet of Curiosities House Tour
1/15/14 06:37 PM

Soooooooo cozy - I'm a fan! : )

Daryl's \"Natural Neutrals\" Room Room for Color Contest
10/1/13 11:49 PM

Looks nice, but I'm concerned it took nearly a year to do. That's a looooooooooooong time when you're 11.

Caleb's Room: From Dragon Slayer Bedroom To Mature Tween Room Kids Room Transitions
10/1/13 09:35 PM

I agree with @IndianaWildFlower that you may just want to do an accent wall.

As for color, this is another vote for navy - I like the black, but it might become overwhelming, as though you're being attacked by small spaceships....

Is there a nifty design you could do with these triangles? I find that having them all lined up - again, mini-spacecraft armada. ; )

Alison's Wall Pattern Project: Help! Color?
8/12/13 11:13 PM

This is a WONDERFUL idea!!

I wish someone gentle and encouraging would adopt my suicidal tomato, which has threatened to die nearly every week this summer. It looks just like when I bought it: stringy and sad. It has produced four - F O U R - pear tomatoes since June. It is now August. It obviously is making few efforts to fruit, and must want to go to Valhalla, to the loamy fields of its forbears....

Wayward Plants The Gardenist
8/12/13 09:54 PM

I thought I remembered Don Draper growing up on a farm out west...but it's a nice house. I like the gingerbread.

Mad Men Magic: Don Draper's Childhood Home Gets a Makeunder Franklin Avenue
6/26/13 11:41 AM

that should be 'while WE watched cartoons' - Ma sure as heck wasn't in there watching, unless it was "Pee Wee's Playhouse". ; )

Dirty Little Secrets of Tidy Families
6/19/13 05:36 PM

When we were kids, my mother always made us clean the living room while watched cartoons on Saturday morning. After lunch, we cleaned our rooms or helped her scrub the house, and only when we finished were we allowed outside. She also always told us that if she stepped on a toy, she'd throw it out. Right then. So we had pretty clean floors as a result....but she never did the dishes. That's one area where we siblings surpassed her.

So if you can wrangle your small army of children to assist - heck, indenture them and hold lunch hostage - you'll have a cleaner house. They live there too, and need to learn responsibility. Then everyone can go off and have fun (or lunch), after an hour or so of extreme tidiness.

Dirty Little Secrets of Tidy Families
6/19/13 05:35 PM

That's true about copying - I learned to write essays by imitating the style of the ones I read in the library's vast compilations, specifically the ones collected by Harold Bloom, on different American authors.

With regard to your copy job, yours looks a little more modern, and like a professional kitchen. For the record, I like your version better.

Apartment Therapy on Copying to Learn Renovation Diary
6/17/13 05:59 PM

Soo soothing and comfy. Your view is my ideal. : )

Benjamin's Lush Green View Small Cool Contest
5/30/13 04:54 PM

I love your kitchen.

Erin's Masterful Multifunctionality Small Cool Contest
5/29/13 04:50 PM

Cozy yet elegant perfection! I want to move in. ; )

Bethany Kay's Penthouse Studio Small Cool Contest
5/29/13 04:29 PM

This is sooooo cozy, with comfy seating and all those framed pictures. I want my apt. to look so inviting! You're an inspiration: I must hang more art on my walls.

Dara's Live/Work Small Space Small Cool Contest
5/29/13 03:57 PM