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I remember this etry form last year. I loved it then and I LOVE it even more this time. I want to see more of the apt. The incorporation of the stainless steel on the wall is brilliant.

Apartment Therapy - #13- AJ's Box of Crayons
10/12/07 09:39 AM

Brown is color! Brown work with so many shades and I really like the stripe combination in your kitchen. I really love your mixture of white and pine cabinetry in the kitchen, I always wanted to have that kind of combination in my own home. The concrete wall is my favorite too! Great job!!

Apartment Therapy - #5- Mina's Lofty Stripes
10/6/07 06:16 PM

I disagree, I don't think this is generic at all. I think K&M were very creative with the space around the fireplace (I haven't seen that type of stove in a typical/generic home). I also think that people shouldn't get negative feedback just because they can't afford to have higher end designer furniture in their homes. I like this space for its simplicity and cleanliness, and for me the color combinations work in their own way.

Apartment Therapy - #8 - K M's Color Expressions
10/6/07 06:11 PM

WOW! This space is just amazing! I think this entry is a WINNER!

Apartment Therapy - #9 - Nathaniel Keith's Blue Period
10/5/07 11:05 AM