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Plasma TV are cheap because its a dying technology. Panasonic came out and said they were no longer going to make plasma. Another big negative you forgot is the cost to power them.

The 5 Highest Rated HDTVs For Under $1,000
11/21/13 12:24 PM

Loving Feedly!

What Will Replace My Google Reader?
3/14/13 05:55 PM

Here is a better post about the issue:


Comcast is Killing the Internet (And My Sleep)
12/2/10 07:56 PM

I <3 my tivo. People have tried to convince me otherwise but no luck. I can rent movies from Amazon and watch it directly without the hassle of converting or connecting another device. I can watch netflix, blockbuster, youtube or my own movies.

The ease of use is totally worth it.

Why Do We Still Pay for TiVo?!
9/10/10 10:23 AM

The cat genie completely owns me. It's seriously the best thing we have bought in a very long time. We have had it for about 6 months now and don't miss cleaning a box *at all*.

4 Favorite Automatic Litter Boxes For Our Feline Friends
8/18/10 02:22 PM

We bought a cat genie and *love it*. It puts the poop/pee in the toilet and cleans the whole thing automatically.

Seriously, best thing ever.

How to Tackle Litter Box Odors | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
4/6/10 03:47 PM