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Another resources is Novica, they have ottomans from local artisans all over the world and there is a more affordable price range of beautiful hand crafted ottomans. See link below for a selection.

As an artist myself, I love purchasing things from Novica. You are helping to sustain arts practice for artists in the communities where they live. In the past, they've always sent a note from the artist directly which is really cool as well. I'd say this is the best option, next to travel the world & purchasing in person.

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9/25/10 02:11 PM

If you'd like to support local artists from around the world

Jenny & Clove

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Buddhism as Decoration?
6/13/08 06:45 AM

A little background on our budhas since our apartment is featured at the top of the post. We purchased these pieces after the tsunami to support local artists in Thailand that we had met on our travels there.

Ironically, this was quite opposite of what is being discussed in this post. As artists ourselves, we knew that the local artists would be some of the hardest hit by the disaster & we wanted to help support them & their artmaking.

For what it is worth...
Jenny & Clove

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Buddhism as Decoration?
6/12/08 10:28 PM

Miele-- best money ever spent on a vacuum. period.

Apartment Therapy New York | Best Products: Miele Vacuums
5/28/08 07:01 AM

Consumer Reports never reviews the high end stuff. I can't speak to the Northland as I'm not familiar with it. I have a 24" Liebherr & absolutely love it. It is the best refrigerator I've ever had & the compliments from visitors are endless. The height more than makes up for the smaller width & it is plenty big enough to work like a traditional family frig.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Is The Northland Refrigerator Better Than the Liebherr?
2/29/08 10:10 AM

Kdkaboom is absolutely right. The double high model is where it is at. I had to fight my spouse tooth & nail to get her to go for it, but the extra expense was way, way worth it. Spend the extra money, you'll be so happy you did!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Best Air Mattress: Aerobed
2/28/08 07:09 AM

Unbelievable. I think this is the coolest home I have ever seen in the U.S.

I'd live there any day, any time, & I make a reliable housesitter.

Apartment Therapy - House Tour: Philip's Indiana Jones Oasis
8/30/07 10:18 PM

I'm with Lacey M

Corian ain't in the same league with CeasarStone & Silestone.
(It melts & scratches)

Silestone & CeasarStone win hands down. Undisputed.
We have Silestone in our place & it is indestructable--
in white even.

You can't scratch it,chip it, melt it, stain it &/or crack it.
And it is completely maintence free.

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8/27/07 06:43 PM

Design Public has some Angela Adams rugs that might work for you.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Where Can I Find A Similar Looking Rug?
8/16/07 03:46 PM


We have a 24" Verona gas oven. It looks beautiful. Beware that you have to hold in the knob for more than a minute to start this thing, which is highly annoying. I guess it is a chef stove thing that we would have avoided if we had a do over. We miss the ease of our pre-stainless Sears stove days.

Good Questions: Good Small 24" Undercounter Ovens?
6/25/07 07:14 AM

Curious as to where you got your wood fence? Do you buy the pieces & have them assembled on site or is this a unit that can be bought in sections. Thanks for your time & efforts-- beautiful work!

Garden Tour: Justine's Venice Backyard Transformation
6/19/07 06:29 PM

Hi everybody,

Clove & I just wanted to wish all much luck. We are excited to cheer everybody on & look forward to the party! Our backyard is still very much a work in progress, but we want to have folks over to our little pad for cocktails alfresco.

much love,
Jenny & Clove

April is the Smallest Croolest Month!
4/2/07 03:24 PM