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LOVE. As a professional baker, I get so tired of wearing the gross, scratchy white aprons provided by work, so having this while baking in the kitchen for 9 hours would certainly be lovely!

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12/6/12 12:33 PM

Super easy...

At my bakery here in SF, CA we freeze cupcakes when we have a large order. Doesn't necessarily have to be airtight, Saran wrap covering the cupcakes on a baking sheet will work and will give you more space.

As for the frosting: buttercream is possibly the worst frosting to travel with already assembled on cupcakes. I suggest either keeping the buttercream cold (not frozen) on the drive and then microwaving it at 10 sec intervals when you arrive and are ready to frost.

No need for a bulky cupcake carrier. Go to a Cash and Carry and buy a box off of them (will fit 40 frosted) or go to your local bakery (even in a grocery store) and ask for a bakery box.

Good luck!

Tips for Making Cupcakes Ahead of Time?
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6/10/11 01:11 PM

On a typical (weekday) morning, before even stepping foot out of bed, I grab my Macbook and head straight to Emily's blog. I just feel like she embodies everything I love! It's so nice to finally see her home in more detail... and it's perfect! I swoon at the wood beams and the little architectural details.

Emily Schuman's Modern Rustic Home
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2/15/11 03:25 PM

I have been looking for a bed frame EXACTLY like this!! Where did you find that guy before you painted it?

Before & After: A New Angle on the Bedroom
2/7/11 06:00 PM

Potato leek soup! Or garlic aioli to go with grilled artichokes! Yum!

I Have a New Immersion Blender! How Should I Use It?
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1/10/11 11:57 PM

My friend's mom runs Soul Food Farm! Great people who truly support the Vacaville community. Glad to hear of your support! I've passed this mention onto my friend and her mom!

Weekend Meditation: The Whole Chicken
1/10/11 11:55 PM

Eek! As a third-year Interior Design student, I would use these as my nightstand Bible. Love!

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12/17/10 03:06 PM

I've been asking for the Cuisinart one for EVER, but this looks like a much better quality blender! This would be the best tool to make quick homemade potato soup or Aioli!

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12/13/10 03:49 PM


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12/9/10 12:34 PM

I love my old Oreck, but it's starting to die out, and with a 90lb Long-Haired German Shepherd, a reliable vacuum is definitely a must! This is sweet!

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12/7/10 01:38 PM

OBSESSED. Totally obsessed with these. I've been drooling over the Anthro ones for about 2 years now.

Metal Cafe Chairs
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12/3/10 12:04 PM

Good question, @leeza! I second that...

Also, this french press is to DIE for!

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12/1/10 01:06 PM

That color! Yum.

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11/29/10 01:52 PM

One word... Drool.

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11/22/10 06:19 PM

I absolutely LOVE this idea; However, most of the medallions I've found have holes in them! I like the idea of putting a mirror in some of the holes, but I don't want to have them all hole-y.

Using Ceiling Medallions on the Wall | Apartment Therapy New York
6/11/10 12:34 PM

These would look perfect adorning my bare, chocolate brown walls! Exactly my color palette! So cute!

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12/11/09 11:17 PM

So tired of my broom and my broken vacuum that pushes the dirt around! This looks killer!

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12/9/09 11:15 PM

My dad would LOVE this! He just moved and in the process lost his roasting pan. Thanksgiving was just not the same without it!

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12/9/09 11:13 PM

I just got a kitten, and I've been so irked lately that I can't light candles or else the little brat can get into all sorts of trouble... and as a candle fiend, it is really an adjustment!!

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12/8/09 12:44 PM