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People need to get over their fear of bugs, those little guys are so helpful.

Further, you should feel terrible squishing the full grown ones: they live nearly a decade so the little guy you smash might have been quietly killing spiders and ants since before you even moved in.

The House Centipede: Get Rid of Them, or Let Them Be?
5/6/14 09:49 AM

While I agree with the idea in principle, in execution it means a seriously cramped ability to host guests.

One of the joys of having a home is the ability to welcome people into it.

The Case against the Guest Bedroom
from The Rammed Earth House by David Easton

4/1/11 09:32 AM

To echo the sentiment expressed above, I'd use it for a stew or pot roast. I use a can of Guinness beer in every crockpot of pot roast I make. It's delicious.

What Can We Do With Flat Home-Brewed Beer?
Good Questions

3/1/11 09:44 AM

I clicked through from my RSS feeds just to make sure Cheryl Mendelson got a nod.

Also, her original book Home Comforts (a more general book about the entire household) is awesome.

Best Books for Laundry Tips
1/26/11 10:01 AM

"Strangely our vacuum and many others we have used tend to fling debris backwards instead of sucking them up when we use our upright on hard floors."

That's because you either didn't turn off the beater bar or the vacuum has no option to do so. A good vacuum should have a little lever that allows you to disengage the belt which turns the beater bar. You don't need a beater bar to vacuum hardwood floors, you just need the suction to pull up dust and debris into the vacuum.

Muffin's 5 Tips to Vacuum More Effectively
11/3/10 10:59 AM

If you love a stationary trough you'll love this immensely clever trough-as-garden-gate:


What's even more clever about it, than just the design, is how the home owners used it to get around a rule that "gates" can only be six feet high.

Water Troughs Turned Raised Beds Flickr Find | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
6/2/10 01:12 PM