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a slipcover for my ugly but comfy sofa

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8/8/08 02:00 PM

When my husband lost his job a few years ago, I was grateful that we had food storage. It was one less thing to worry about during a lean time for us.

There are all sorts of calamities that fall short of looters and martial law and the end of the world. It's not all or nothing.

And there are worse things than powdered milk...not many, but some. ;)

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7/31/08 09:52 AM

Does anybody have any experience actually sitting on these on a regular basis? I am looking for a bench to use with my kitchen table, and I am wondering how it would stand up to two tweens.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | MOLGER Bench from IKEA
4/17/08 08:38 AM

My mom used to make homemade chocolate covered marshmallow eggs. I'd serve it all by itself with a big old glass of milk.

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3/18/08 09:53 AM

Lime rickey!

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2/22/08 07:31 AM


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12/21/07 10:10 AM

The French oven. I make pot roast on cold Sunday nights.

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12/17/07 09:49 AM

pork roast

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12/11/07 05:40 AM

I craft because I want to be invested in my life.

I love knowing that my son sleeps every night under the blanket that I made for him, that my daughter's favorite skirt is obnoxiously pink and twirly because that's what we designed together.

So much in life is mass-produced and cookie cutter perfect. I craft to leave a tangible mark on the world, to give my family and my self a space that belongs to only us.

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10/5/07 08:17 AM